MAT v4.0 Technical Preview Update 3 with Xamarin support

The Multilingual App Toolkit v4.0 Technical Preview Update 3 is available today (v4.0.1262.0).  The release continues to support Xamarin (Initial Announcement), bringing MAT’s streamlined localization workflow and services to Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

This update adds support for Windows 10 Technical Preview Tools, support for Windows Store resource qualifiers, and exposes WinForm control values such as size and location.

UAPUniversal App Platform

Store resource qualifiers

WinFormSizeWinForm Size, Location, and TabIndex

The list of key fixes are listed on the v4.0 Technical Preview article on our user voice site.  Please refer to for additional details and download links.  Of course, if you already have MAT v4.0 installed, Visual Studio will let you know that it’s time to install the update.

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Comments (6)

  1. I just can't enable it usiing Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6.

    I receive this error in the output: Project '[ProjectName]' was not enabled – no localizable resources were found.

    I've tried to enable MAT on a fresh Windows 10 – Blank Application (UAP) project.

  2. MAT requires resource files before it can create the workflow.  Assuming that your source culture is English (United States), add a Folder named "en-US" to your project.  Then in that folder, add a new item called "Resource File (.resw)", ensuring the name is "Resources.resw".  Place your strings to localize in this file.  This will allow you to enable MAT successfully.  

    To help, here is a link to MSDN "Quickstart: Translating UI resources (XAML)" topic:…/hh965329.aspx  It is for Windows 8x, but the folder and file layout is the same for Windows UAP.  (You don't need to create the strings folder, but it keeps .resw files from taking lots of top level space in your projects)

  3. Glenn Rockland says:

    I had the same problem with the new MAT on VS2013 and adding some folder and a .resw permitted the "enable selection" to appear.  Otherwise it doesn't.  Should probably be in the documentation somewhere.

  4. Thank you for the feedback.  The latest version (4.0.1331.0) leaves the Enable menu active if the project is supported.  When selected without any localizable resources it will display a message in the output windows stating: "Project '<Project Name>' was not enabled – no localizable resources were found."

  5. Vinc() says:

    I am using VS 2015 Community Edition Update 1 RTM with latest MAT and was stumbling across the error "Project '<Project Name>' was not enabled – no localizable resources were found." too. After thinking about it a bit, I figured out a solution:

    My native language is NOT English and therefore NOT en-EN. So I localize my strings as de-DE (as I'm german). In my main Project this works by defining this over the .manifest file from the project. However ClassLibraries do not have a .manifest file, so what to do?

    Open the .csproj file with an editor and replace the entry




    Then restart VS and voila your structure strings/de-DE/Resources.resw is now recognized by MAT4.0 and you are able to add additional languages.

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