Creating a 3rd party translation provider

The Multilingual App Toolkit enables the addition of 3rd party translation providers. This allows you to connect the existing workflow provided by the toolkit to your favorite translation service or even create your own in-house translation memory.

To see a sample 3rd party provider, see the TAUS DATA based provider on GitHub(

Comments (4)

  1. Jignesh says:


    Any idea, in the above project, how did you get the dll library file.  Microsoft.Multilingual.Translation.dll

    MAT is installed on my machine, but I could not locate that dll file on my machine.

    Any clue ?


  2. The DLL you need to reference is available when MAT is installed.  The location is: C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesMultilingual App ToolkitMicrosoft.Multilingual.Translation.dll.  Please note that the sample project contains the DLL from MAT v3.0.  You will need to reference the newer version is you are targeting v3.1 or v4.0.  Feel free to email if you have additional issues

  3. Jignesh says:

    Thanks.  I had another question..

    As I can see in the code, The class is implementing interface ITranslationProvider.  There is no UI interface

    So how is this code finally integrated with MAT toolkit, so that MAT uses my provider instead of Bing.  



  4. MAT providers work in the Editor as well as in the VS IDE.  This is the same model used for the two providers that currently ship with MAT.

    To active the provider, you will need to add your specific provider to the TranslationManager.xml file. If you have any settings, you will also need to create a provider specific setting file.

    The readme.txt in the same TAUS Data project describes how to update this configuration in better detail then I can add here.



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