Configuring Azure Virtual Machines for Optimal Storage Performance

In support, one of the most common questions we get is: How do I achieve the best disk performance for Azure virtual machines? Platform Planning: In the standard tier of virtual machine in Azure, the maximum IOPS is 500 per disk. When planning for a high I/O virtual machine, you also need to take into…

How to Monitor for Storage Account Throttling

For Azure Virtual Machines, we document storage limits of 500 IOPS per disk, and the guidance to not place more than 40 highly used VHDs in any single storage account since there is a 20,000 IOPS limit per storage account. By default, each subscription can have up to 20 storage accounts containing up to 500…


How to move your Windows server VM running on Hyper-V to Microsoft Azure

  Note: This blog post comes from Manoj Sehgal, Sr. Support Escalation Engineer from Microsoft Azure team.   The following blog post will guide you through the procedure to move your on premises Windows server VM which is running in Hyper-V or VMWare environment to Microsoft Azure, by uploading its VHD.   Steps: 1.      1….