Windows Azure: Account Delegate Feature

Blogged on behalf of Bahar Sandal, Windows Azure Subscription Management Support Engineer.

The Account Delegate feature enables multiple people to see the same Windows Azure billing information. The Delegate feature is useful because businesses often have multiple people involved with each account.

Account Delegate Feature Facts:

  • Account delegates have full access to your account. However, delegates cannot add, remove, or view other account delegates.
  • You can add up to 10 account delegates.

Note: Adding an account delegate does not give that person permission to use services that the account subscribes do. In other words for Windows Azure, the account delegate will not be a service administrator or a co-administrator.

Add an Account Delegate

  1. Navigate to Windows Azure commerce portal.
  2. On the sign in page type in your user ID and password.

       3. Once you are logged into the Microsoft account portal, verify that you are using a Business Account by looking at the title bar.

             Note: Account Delegates are not available on a personal account.

      4. Next, click on Profile. This displays your personal information.

     5. At the bottom of this page click on delegate.

         Note: If you do see the delegate button you are probably using a personal account.

    6. Click on the add account button and enter an email ID to make that person an account delegate.

        7. Click the save button to add that account.


View the list of delegates in an account

  1. Login to your account, click on Profile.
  2. Click on the delegate button at the bottom, to see the list of account delegates.


Remove a delegate from an account

  1. Login to your account, click on Profile.
  2. Click on the delegate button.
  3. Remove an account by clicking the X at the end of the row for appropriate account delegate.
  4. On the confirmation screen click Yes. Now the account is no longer a delegate.
  5. Click on the X at the top to close this dialog.

Comments (5)

  1. Marius Z says:

    Hello, actually I don't see these options in the portal (altough I am connected via an Enterprise Agreement account). Is there any restriction? (ie regional/US? I am based in France). Thanks in advance

  2. xcd says:

    Yes if your email uses domain authentication it won't work! This is only for live ID / Microsoft accounts.

  3. Rory PS says:

    I've been informed by Microsoft Support that this feature is no longer available and there's no replacement. Anyone heard differently?

  4. Rashed says:

    This feature was removed by MS in Dec 2014.  Anybody know if MS have some sort of replacement functionality in the pipeline?

  5. Amit Roy says:

    Is this delegated a/c point to one subscription, what happen when Service Provider has to create multiple subscription for different customer.

    Is that delegated a/c point to one subscription

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