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  1. Marius Z says:

    Hello, actually I don't see these options in the portal (altough I am connected via an Enterprise Agreement account). Is there any restriction? (ie regional/US? I am based in France). Thanks in advance

  2. xcd says:

    Yes if your email uses domain authentication it won't work! This is only for live ID / Microsoft accounts.

  3. Rory PS says:

    I've been informed by Microsoft Support that this feature is no longer available and there's no replacement. Anyone heard differently?

  4. Rashed says:

    This feature was removed by MS in Dec 2014.  Anybody know if MS have some sort of replacement functionality in the pipeline?

  5. Amit Roy says:

    Is this delegated a/c point to one subscription, what happen when Service Provider has to create multiple subscription for different customer.

    Is that delegated a/c point to one subscription

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