Azure PowerShell 0.6.13

Azure PowerShell 0.6.13 released with substantial change to Support IaaS General Availability

Download Link: PowerShell (Github)

2013.04.16 Version 0.6.13

  • Completely fixed issues with first website creation on a new account. Now you can use PowerShell with a new account directly without the need to go to the Azure portal.
  • Added Get-AzureWebsiteLog -ListPath to get all the available log paths of the website.
  • Fixed the issue of removing custom DNS names in Start/Stop/Restart-AzureWebsite.
  • Fixed several GB18030 encoding issues.
  • AzureRT team
    • BREAKING CHANGE: New-AzureVM and New-AzureQuickVM now require an –AdminUserName parameter when creating Windows based VMs.
    • Added support for virtual machine high memory SKUs (A6 and A7).
    • Remote PowerShell is now enabled by default on Windows based VMs using https. To disable: specify the –DisableWinRMHttps parameter on New-AzureQuickVM or Add-AzureProvisioningConfig. To enable using http: specify –EnableWinRMHttp parameter (Note: http is intended for VM to VM communication and a public endpoint is not created by default).
    • Added Get-AzureWinRMUri new cmdlet to get the connection string URI for Windows Remote Management.
    • Added Set-AzureAvailabilitySet new cmdlet to group similar virtual machines into an availability set after deployment.
    • New-AzureVM and New-AzureQuickVM now support a parameter named –X509Certificates. When a certificate is added to this array it is automatically uploaded and deployed to the virtual machine.
    • Improved *-AzureEndpoint cmdlets:
      • Allows a simple endpoint to be created.
      • Allows a load balanced endpoint to be created.
      • Allows a load balanced endpoint to be created with a health probe and you can now specify the Probe Interval and Timeout periods.
    • Removed subscription check requirement when using Add-AzureVHD with a shared access signature.
    • Added Simultaneous Upgrade option to New-AzureDeployment for Cloud Services deployment. This option can save a significant amount of time during deployments to staging. This option can cause downtime and should only be used in non-production deployments.
    • Upgraded to the latest service management library.
    • Made New-AzureDeployment to use SSL during the deployment.
  • Storage team
    • Renamed Start/Stop-CopyAzureStorageBlob to Start/Stop-AzureStorageBlobCopy. Kept old names as aliases for backward compatibility.



Abhishek Anand

Support Escalation Engineer

Windows Azure Technical Support

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