New blob storage cmdlets in Azure PowerShell 0.6.12

Azure PowerShell 0.6.12 released last week and includes new cmdlets to work with blobs in general, not just VHD files. To install, go to, click Downloads at the top, then click Windows Azure PowerShell under Command Line Tools at the bottom – or just click this link:


2013.03.20 Version 0.6.12

 * Windows Azure Storage entity level cmdlets

   * New-AzureStorageContext

   * New-AzureStorageContainer

   * Get-AzureStorageContainer

   * Remove-AzureStorageContainer

   * Get-AzureStorageContainerAcl

   * Set-AzureStorageContainerAcl

   * Get-AzureStorageBlob

   * Get-AzureStorageBlobContent

   * Set-AzureStorageBlobContent

   * Remove-AzureStorageBlob

   * Start-CopyAzureStorageBlob

   * Stop-CopyAzureStorageBlob

   * Get-AzureStorageBlobCopyState

 * Windows Azure Web Sites diagnostics log streaming cmdlet

   * Get-AzureWebsitLog –Tail

Comments (2)

  1. Jason Short says:

    This is indeed good news!  I hope the AzureWebsitLog  actually has AzureWebsiteLog instead though.

  2. Sean Knox says:

    Thanks. Now how do I open this with the ISE? By default this only works using Microsoft Azure Powershell?

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