How to manage multiple Windows Azure Subscriptions

  • How to change Subscription Name

1. Login in to using your Live ID.

2. Click on “Account Center”.

3. Choose “Subscription” option.

4. Select the Azure subscription in which you would like to rename the subscription name.

5. Click on “Edit Subscription Details”.

6. After changing the subscription name click next and complete the wizard. 

7. Your Subscription name has changed. 


  • Subscription Filtering Support in the Management Portal

In case you have multiple Windows Azure Subscription under one Account, Sometime it gets pretty difficult to locate resources. Sometime in December 2012, Subscriptions filtering Option appeared on the Windows Azure Management Portal.

More Details: (under Subscription Filtering Support within the Windows Azure Portal)

Note: If you only have one subscription, this change doesn’t affect you one bit.  Your experience remains unchanged.  In fact, you’ll only see the subscription filter UI show-up if you have more than subscription.

Color Coding:

  • When all subscription are selected Filter option will in grey.

  • When at least one Subscription is not selected, filter icon will change to a different color.


    Abhishek Anand

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Comments (3)

  1. Justin says:

    Thank you for the instructions. If I want to consolidate multiple subscriptions, how can I move a website to another subscription without service interruption?

  2. Hello Justin ,

    Please open a Billing Support ticket (which is free)  to do a Subscription Migration . This is done on Subscription Level not on Service Level . Means, A services from A will move to B and A will have nothing hosted under it.

  3. Alexey says:


    During the subcription activation (using 100 USD MPN benefit for Gold Partners), the new tenant has been created based on the logged on live-id user The tenant name is

    But we already have Office 365 and Intune subscription within the tenant. We want to move this subscription here also. Is it possible? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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