Windows Azure Customer Support Offerings Live – How to contact Microsoft Windows Azure Technical Support

Last Updated: 03/03/2013

As of now (22nd January 2013 11:45 AM Pacific Time Zone)   Updated management portal with Windows Azure Customer Support Offerings is live and is being rolled out to different regions.

Purchase and Offering Details

Here are two ways you can reach Support Ticket Creation Option:

Option 1:

  1.  Log in to Azure Management Portal
  2. Click on the top right of the webpage, where is shows your subscription detail. [White Space -  In this example ]


  1. Here is a screenshot of Azure Support Ticket



Option 2: 

  1. Log in to Azure Management Portal
  2. Click on the top left of the webpage, where is [ v ] . It will bring relevant option. Click on Support


    3.  You will be routed to below screenshot.  Click on Get Support

4. Here is a screenshot of Azure Support Ticket

 Now, once you have reached Contact Microsoft Support:

1. Chose relevant subscription under which you are facing issue.

2. Chose Support Type:  Billing or Technical


3. Then Country and Language as applicable.

NOTE : Currently Support is being offered in following languages where English Support is 24x7 and rest are being offered as Business Hour only  in Primary Locale for both Technical and Billing Support

4. Press Create Ticket.

  • Once you press Create Ticket , you will be asked to fill some relevant information  based on your requirement and press Continue

  •  Verify your Contact Information on next page and Press continue.
  • You will Reach Page "Describe Your Problem"  . Fill appropriately and Press Submit.


 Here is your confirmation.



Someone will contact you shortly based on Service Level Agreement.


Abhishek Anand  
Senior Support Escalation Engineer    
Windows Azure Technical Support

Comments (10)
  1. fara1992 says:


    Actually I can't take a technical ticket, could you tell me why?


  2. Abhishek Anand says:

    Hello Fara1992,

    To open a techincal Issue you will need a Windows Azure Support Plan attached to your account  :…/plans

    Once you  have that you should see that option .

    Thanks !!

    Abhishek Anand

  3. Eric E says:

    This is all useless if they lose the connection with your subscription. There is not way to reach Azure support. The massive Microsoft automated and foreign phone mess has no knowledge of Azure so you just get transferred around for days.

  4. John K says:

    Right on, Eric E! AVOID Azure at all costs! I signed up for a "free" Azure trial, they charged my credit card $1.35 right away. Now they say "You don't have a subscription, contact support." This is when the phone hell begins. My local support says " Azure is out of our scope, contact MSDN Support". I contact MSDN Support. A guy ("Paul") in Billing says I need to contact Azure support, says their phone number is 1-800-11161155. I tell him that is not a valid phone number, he says just hold on. He tries to transfer, we are disconnected. The Azure website just takes me around in an infinite loop. HORRIBLE!!!


  5. Muh Syahrin says:

    I was singed up "free Azure Trial", they also charge my card $1.They said the payment error.And i cant login to windows azure.Anyone knows live support for this case??



  6. Kien says:

    I also signed up "free Azure trial" but I can't login to azure.After that, i lost 200usd. I don't understand what problem with this. I hope you can explain me about my payment

  7. David Ryan says:

    <a href=""&gt;

    Some really quality content on this website , saved to fav.


  8. Akshay gupta says:

    I am looking for some information on Azure.

    1. Is SQL Server is covered under HIPAA compliance?

    2. How feasible it is to store the databases of more than one HIPAA complaint applications or for different clients on the same server ?database is SQL

    3. when we talk about Server Farm, I am willing to host multiple client's DB on every server into separate instances, so is it possible?

    4. Do you have SAN ?

    5. How do you separate the data of more than one HIPAA compliant app from each other ?

    6. Can i get a trial account without credit card information to play around it for some time so that i can make sure and also convince my client to go with.

  9. jack coyle says:

    Hey i was told by Microsoft azure that i should write my ticket here. Okay please help me out. I was using a different virtual machine then downgraded because i dont have that many users yet, so once i downgraded it quit working… When i opened my app all it says is check network connection… I also dont have the code source to my app as my developers uploaded it and havent given me the code. why is my app not working after i changed virtual machine? Yours sincerely, Jack Coyle

    1. Evan Basalik says:

      If someone in Support told you to post here, they were mistaken. Please open a support case and someone can help you either regain access to your virtual machine or figure out why your application isn’t working. If you run into trouble, feel free to email me at evanba at microsoft dot com.

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