Common Context Menu Constants

[From the prolific pen of Douglas Hodges. Continued at Common Web Context Menu Constants]

Common menu constants used by VSIP’s in extending project systems:

  • "Project" top-level menu: IDM_VS_MENU_PROJECT
  • Solution Explorer toolbar: IDM_VS_TOOL_PROJWIN

Common project context menus that apply when a single node is selected in the Solution Explorer, or when there is multiple homogenous selection in the Solution Explorer (i.e., all selected nodes are of the same type):

  • IDM_VS_CTXT_PROJNODE – applies when the project node is selected
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_ITEMNODE – applies when a file is selected
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_FOLDERNODE – applies when a folder is selected
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_WEBREFFOLDER – applies when the Web Reference folder is selected
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_REFERENCEROOT – applies when the references root node ("References") is selected
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_REFERENCE – applies when a reference node is selected (assembly, COM, and project references only – not web references)

These context menus apply when the selection in the Solution Explorer spans multiple hierarchies:

  • IDM_VS_CTXT_XPROJ_SLNPROJ – applies when the current selection contains the solution node and root project node(s).
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_XPROJ_SLNITEM – applies when the current selection contains the solution node and project item(s).
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_XPROJ_MULTIPROJ – applies when the current selection consists of multiple root project nodes only.
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_XPROJ_PROJITEM – applies when the current selection contains a mix of root project node(s) and project item(s). In addition, the selection may or may not contain the solution node.
  • IDM_VS_CTXT_XPROJ_MULTIITEM – applies when the current selection contains project items from multiple projects within the solution, or when items of different types are selected within the same project.

Common groups within IDM_VS_CTXT_PROJNODE context menu:

  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_BUILD – build, rebuild, deploy the project
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_COMPILELINK – compilation/linking
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_CONFIG – configurations and build order
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_ADD – adding items to the project
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_START – setting the startup project for F5 action
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_SAVE – saving items
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_DEBUG – debugging commands
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_SCC – source control operations
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_TRANSFER – cut/copy/paste operations
  • IDG_VS_CTXT_PROJECT_PROPERTIES – access to project properties dialog
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  1. [From the prolific pen of Douglas Hodges.  Continued from Common Context Menu Constants. ]


  2. Lance says:

    I need to add a menu to the context menu that will appear when you right click on a tab in visual studio. What do you call that menu?

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