Bot Framework V4: What I learnt in 4 days in July 2018

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  1. Viniciuvs says:

    Hi! Thank for your review. I am just try to learn, and if I understood well, it better to start with V4. Any comprehensive guide for a newbie, other the MS reference on the left side? Thanks in advance!

    1. Martin Kearn says:

      Hi yes, I’d start from scratch with v4 if you are a newbie …. V3 knowledge is of very little use with V4.

  2. Viniciuvs says:

    Hi Martin, thanks for the post. I’m just starting with MS bot framework, and C# as well. I’m sure that the references at Microsoft are very clear to developers but sometimes are still obscure to complete newbies, who aren’t the target of platforms like that. However, I have found some books which provide very clear explanation and a very comprehensive overview of how the entire framework does. The problem in the case of a book, specifically, it is based on V3. My question is (and just to confirm if I understood your post), trying to comprehend concepts based on V3 can be do you think that I can learn with V3 concepts like as conversations, dialogs, luis, etc can be a waste of time and it’s better to find updated reference?

  3. Hi Martin, great post it helped me a lot to get started with v4.

    I had done some work with v3 but I learnt here that I’d better wipe out what I new before.

    I like v4 better, at least the flow is much clearer now. I also like the included test support classes like TestAdapter and TestFlow, and I even wrote a blog post about this (, in Spanish for now) with a ping back to your post.

    Hey, if you have the time I’d appreciate any comments, even though it’s in Spanish the code is in English and that’s universal! ;-), it’s also in GitHub:


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