Cloud & Web Camps: Free in person training for web development and the cloud

We have a great series of in-person events coming up aimed to help you learn about modern web development with, Visual Studio and Azure as well as a broader set of content around Azure in general.

We call these events 'camps' and they break these down into two main themes:

Web Camp

An all-day, in person event designed to help you learn about modern web development on Microsoft's stack, including, Visual Studio and Azure .

Myself, and my chum Martin Beeby will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to ASP.NET and Visual Studio Web Tooling
  • Building Web Applications using the latest ASP.NET technologies
  • Building web front ends for both desktop and mobile using the latest web standards
  • API Services for both web and devices
  • Tuning, modernising and optimising
  • Running, improving and maintaining a site in the real world
  • Real-time Communications with SignalR
  • VS 2015 and vNext

The web camp is suitable for a broad range of developers, from newbies who have never really touched to seasoned pros who may pick up some tips and tricks.

Cloud Camp

The Cloud Dev Camp is an all-day, in person event focussed on learning about Azure and is run by my chum Steve Plank.

At the cloud camp, you'll get to learn about the full range of IaaS and PaaS services that can run on Azure from Virtual machines through to Mobile Services, Cloud Services, Websites and Databases.

The cloud camp is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about Azure, this includes developer's and IT pros. Like the web camp, you'll find this valuable whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie.

When and Where?

The following is the current schedule for our web and cloud camps over the next few months:

Date Event Location Registration
22nd April Cloud Camp Edinburgh
23rd April Web Camp Edinburgh
27th April Cloud Camp London
14th May Cloud Camp Nottingham
15th May Web Camp Nottingham
20th May Cloud Camp London
21st May Web Camp London

You can get all the materials, demos etc for these events from

If there is anything missing, please Tweet me @Martinkearn or the other Martin @TheBeebs.

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