SharePoint Object Hierarchy: How it all fits together

I often get asked to clarify how all of the objects in SharePoint relate to each. For example, people do not always understanding the differnence between a site collection and a site or how a web application and content database relate to each other.

To help out, I have produced this diagram which I think explains all of the main SharePoint objects and how they relate to each other. I did consider writing some kind of description to go with this, however I think it is better that I just do my best to answer any questions via the comments. If there are any re-occuring themes, I'll add to this article and try to explain them.

If you cannot see the image below, you can download it from here:

Image Updated to inlcude additional items from a reader's comment (thanks)


Comments (7)

  1. Mark Bower says:

    Image gets cropped on my resolution. Suggest adding a hyperlink to the full image, or resizing to 50%?

  2. Martin Kearn , A MCS Consultant based in the UK, has created a helpfull architecture picture of the objects

  3. Martin Kearn, a Microsoft Consultant from the UK, has drafted a picture of the overall Sharepoint hierarchy

  4. Martin Kearn put a nice image on his blog last Friday with a clear overview of the SharePoint object

  5. BramdeJager says:

    Martin, great work. It provides a good overview of the different objects in SharePoint. You included almost all different scopes of features. While viewing the hierarchy I didn’t find the Web Application scoped features. And I don’t know if it belongs in this image, but the site definitions are missing too?

    Greetz Bram

  6. All about Martin Kearn …. I am a Senior Consultant within the UK SharePoint team in Microsoft Consulting

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