How to: Install Sharepoint 2007 Beta1TR on a single machine

I have re-written this article for SharePoint Server 2007 RTM. You can see it here:


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  1. Just like to add:

    If you get a lot of errors when creating the web application or site collections you need to increase the http daemon [IIS] time out settings from 120 seconds to 600 seconds. This tends to cure the problem.  :o)


  2. bfox11b says:

    Hey Martin,

    Quick Question….. Is R2 a requirement for this build?

    Bob Fox

  3. MikeWalshHelsinki says:

    My thought entirely, Bob.

    It’s certainly not a requirement for installing this build of WSS v3 which installs perfectly well on Win 2003 Server Standard +SP1 and I don’t see why it should be a requirement for MOSS 2007.

  4. All, Windows 2003 R2 is not a requirement for MOSS 2007, it will run just fine on Windows 2003 RTM SP1. The only reason I suggested R2 is because it is the latest version. I hope this clarifys.

  5. MikeW2 says:

    Unless I’m mistaken the text was

    There are several things that you must do … Install Windows 2003 R2

    Note "must" and originally no Windows 2003 Server in brackets …

    slightly more than "suggested", I’d say.

  6. StevenRao says:

    I am wondering if you guys can tell me what is the release date for beta 2? Also when will be the final relase be avilable?



  7. All of the public information regarding release dates is on the public Office Preview site which is at If you wish to register for Beta2, you can do at this site and by doing so, you’ll be kept up-to-date with beta announcements at they come out – hope this helps.

  8. Jørn Cornelius Olsen says:

    1) I wasn’t too keen on having to use two VM’s in order to have one be the DC and the other SP, so I went ahead and tried to install without the SP-VM being in a domain and it worked fine. Why do you think that it has to be in a domain?

    2) What you refer to as Core Services seems to have been renamed to Shared Services – hence the SSP acronym.

  9. Thanks for your comments.

    To answer point 1, you will be able to install MOSS 2007 B1TR on a DC but search and a few other things will not work in the current release. If you want a known and supported setup, then you have to use 2 VMs (I feel you pain! 🙂 )

    To answer point 2, I just checked and you are right – where I’ve refered to Core Services, should read Shared Services

  10. Jørn Cornelius Olsen says:

    About 1) again: I did _not_ install a Domain Controller (DC) on the machine. It was just an ordinary VM without any domain associations.

  11. OK, sorry – I miss-read your comment. Installing MOSS in a workgroup is un-supported. However, I’m not sure what breaks if you do run it in a workgroup – sorry. My advice if you want a stable and known configuration is to run it in a domain with a seperate DC.

  12. Andy May says:

    Thanks for this set – very useful. One question – when I get to the point of configuring the services I only seem to get Central Admin, WSS Administration, WSS Incoming Email, WSS Search Service and WSS Web Application. The "Document Conversions Load Balancer" and "Excel Calculation Services" are conspicuous by their absense. Do these derive from other components I haven’t installed?


  13. It sounds like you have only got WSS installed and not MOSS. If both are instaled, you should see 9 services on the ‘services on server’ screen. Double check your installation ISO image, the correct one is called OfficeServerEN.iso.

  14. Andy May says:

    That would be it – I rather foolishly assumed that something called Sharepoint_setupEN would actually set up Sharepoint (rather than WSS…)

    If only WSS had never been called anything to do with Sharepoint… 🙂

  15. Bruno Erni says:

    Why exaclty is changing the SID a bad idea? Here’s what I’m planning to do: I would like to distribute VM images of SQL05/SPS07 servers (single server environment) for development purposes. Tests have shown that such a system can be duplicated using sysprep and later renamed with the new stsadm command renameserver. The site on the renamed server seems to be working all right. There are however 3 event log entries (2 App log, 1 Security log). The "Windows SharePoint Services 3 Search" service seems to have a problem with the renaming. The assigned indexer in the MSSConfiguration table is still set to the old server name. I hope this is due to the fact that SPS is still in beta.

    What do you think whould be the recommended way to make multiple instances of a SPS07/SQL05 single server environment? We really would like to avoid building each system from scratch.

    Thanks, Bruno

  16. Nuz says:


    Wondering if you could help me? My configuration is such, windows 2003 server standard, sql 2005 standard (with all options installed) and NOT connected to any domain(just the regular workgroup). I am using the administrator login throughout the installs. However, when I start installing the office server the install hangs on step 2 of 9 (data configuration) step and will not move further. So after several hours, I cancel out of it and then do a repair on the install using the same office server 2007 cd and it seems to repair without complaints and all functions SEEM to be there. Any tips on why its hanging on step 2 of 9? and also once i did the repair AM I missing some parts of the install?



  17. RJ says:

    I’m hitting a wall here – I’ve tried installing WSS 3 and MOSS on clean VPCs and physical machines – trying both the basic and advanced setups – and each time, I get stuck on step 2 of 9, creating the configuration database.

  18. Just catching up on blog comments here. So I’ll try to address all the recent unanswered ones in this post

    1) Tuesday, May 02, 2006 3:27 AM by Bruno Erni

    It is not so much changing the SID that is the bad idea, it is using the ‘newsid.exe’ tool. Clearly Newsid does not change everything it should do and working on machine that have been used with NewSid.exe is known to cause problems. I think the safest way to do multple servers today is to simply do multiple builds.

    2) Thursday, May 04, 2006 8:38 AM by Nuz

    Your server has to be in a domain, and will not work if it is in a workgroup. I’m not sure why the repair has fixed your problem, but you may find that there are other problems further down the track. If you want a known and recomended configuration, my advice is to install your server as member server of a domain.

    3) Monday, May 08, 2006 2:48 AM by RJ

    Getting stuck on the configuration wizard normally indicates a problem with your SQL setup. Have you give your account DB creator and security admin rights in SQL? Also, check to see if the configuration wizard actually creates anything in SQL.

  19. RJ says:

    Hi Martin,

    On #3, I’m installing MOSS on a clean instance of Windows 2003, opting to have the basic setup install and configure MSDE. In past failed attempts, I had SQL Server installed prior to setup so I could use the management tools to connect to the SQL instance created by the basic MOSS setup to verify that the configuration databases were in fact created.

  20. RJ, these instructions are specifically designed for deploying MOSS with SQL server (not MSDE) on a single server. If you are using MSDE, you’ll need to select different options from the start and this guide is probably not that usefull. I suggest that you either go for a full SQL instance or you could seek further guidance from the official deployment guides avaliable on Betaplace.

  21. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the extremely useful post.


  22. Patrick Ward says:

    Hi Martin,

    Have you come across any issues with errors regarding ‘access control list is not in canonical form and therefore cannot be modified’?

    Thanks for the great post!

  23. Federico says:

    I also had the "not in canonical form" error. I tried the workaround suggested here:

    -Remove Office "12" or WSS Beta Server install

    -Join a workgroup

    -Remove machine account from domain

    -Run sysprep from Windows Support Tool’s

    -Reboot and rejoin the domain

    -Install Office "12" Server

    Bus still get the same error.

    Do I have to reinstall win2003 and install the latest SP’s?


  24. Lynn says:

    Hi Martin

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for a really useful post!

    You have me stumped on something really simple:

    When you say Choose ‘Use an existing IIS Site’ and set it to ‘Default web site’, does that mean that there should be an entry "Default web site", or is one of the web sites already there the default.

    If so, which one?

  25. So, my last post about the release of Beta 2 Office 2007 inc. SharePoint 2007 Server made out that installation…

  26. Martin J. Green says:

    I have the service user in each of the required roles in sql (2000 SP4) but it still fails at configuration database. If I try manually creating the db first, it complains that it has the wrong collation even when I explicitly create the db with the collation it requests 🙁

  27. Martin J. Green says:

    Problem solved – for some reason (perhaps different format of version number?) it thinks SQL 2000SP4 is not a later version than SP3. Reverting to SP3 solved the problem.

  28. Pawan says:

    First of all thanks for the awesome post. Although this worked like a charm, I am having one problem. I was trying to create a new web application and so used the option "create a new iis website" ( on a different port). Everything goes fine and I get a success screen. However, I don’t see any site in the IIS. While trying to browse, I get a page not found error. The strange part is that SPS recognizes the site as well as the application pool. If I try to create another one, it doesn’t allow me to do so with same name. I have tried iisreset, restart everything. Can you help me on this.

    Thanks in advance,


  29. Jeff Doe says:

    I get the following error even though I have downloaded and installed.

    After a reboot I attempt to Run the setup.exe of SPS 2007.

    Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error: This product requires Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 (Build 3.0.3807.7 or later) blah blah blah.

    Install the February CTP of the WinFX Runtime Components 3.0 (this includes the .net framework 2.0 and Windows Workflow Foundation beta 2.1). You can get this from

  30. sridhar says:

    How do we go about installing the Beta2 on a Domain Controller?

  31. Yaou says:

    To sridhar: as it says in the article,

    "The SharePoint Server must be in a domain, but cannot be a domain controller itself"


  32. Simon says:

    Martin, just wanted to say thank you so much for your clear and concise article!!  After several failed attempts at getting this beta up and running, your article sorted it for me first time.

    Many thanks, keep up the good work


  33. why can’t we install the server on a domain controler? what about Beta2 regrading that scenario?

  34. Krish says:

    Hi Martin –

    While performing the Services Configuration, I am not able to start the Excel Calculation Services, Office SharePoint Server Search, Windows SharePoint Services Help Search and Windows SharePoint Services Web Application.

    Each of the above mentioned services have this message next to them.

    "not yet enabled on any server in the farm"

    Kindly help me resolve this problem.

    Best Regards,


  35. Hikmer says:

    You can install on a single server by pre-installing SQL Express 2005 (or whatever you want to use I suppose) then using the Advanced SharePoint configuration.  

  36. Mike says:

    I installed 2007 and I went through the appropriate steps but when I went back to the part where you choose an existing IIS website it is not allowing me to check it …is there a step I am missing?

  37. Jpk says:

    Could you please tell a little more about service accounts and application pool acoounts required for installing and cofiguring SharePOint? Is this acceptable to choose one account for all these roles?

  38. Yes you can have a single account for everything and this would be the best option in a demo style environment. However for a production environment, it is recomended that you have seperate accounts for all application pools, an account for search services and an account for general services. This is all outlined in the official deployment guide which you can get from here:

  39. Martin J. Green says:

    "When the ‘Application Created’ screen appears, click on the ‘Application Management’ tab and click ‘Create or configure this farm’s core services’"

    SSP is actually under ‘Create or configure this farm’s shared services’ in ‘Application Management’ tab

  40. Martin J. Green says:

    "When the ‘Application Created’ screen appears, click on the ‘Application Management’ tab and click ‘Create or configure this farm’s core services’"

    SSP is actually under ‘Create or configure this farm’s shared services’ in ‘Application Management’ tab

  41. Martin J. Green says:

    "When the ‘Application Created’ screen appears, click on the ‘Application Management’ tab and click ‘Create or configure this farm’s core services’"

    SSP is actually under ‘Create or configure this farm’s shared services’ in ‘Application Management’ tab

  42. Ken Wong says:

    Great Job!

    And i wish to ask about the Business Data Connector.

    I want to learn more about that, any information?

  43. Fab says:

    I have no problem installing MOSS 2007 but after numerous tries I’m unable to install the SSP. I get an error that it failed or a provisioning error. In the event viewer there is an error with search.aspx. I had no problems installing the search services and all the db’s seem to be setup. Any thoughts of what my issue is??


  44. Mahesh says:

    I installed the MOSS 2007 with a service account, with the steps mentioned above.  But after installation, when it tries to launch the "Central administration screen", it pops up for authentication.  Even after providing the correct details, it throws a "Not authorized to view" page.  I have checked on the db end .. no issues.  I have restared IIS and also the server, but same problem exist.  Any clue?

  45. Sun says:

    This is a real pain to install…, to get the version of windows workflow beta 2 3.0.3807.7. I installed the feb CTP win fx. but the windows workflow never came along with that. I am searching all the web and blogs and microsoft site. The readme file is going to beta office site but asking me from where I came .. any way .. lets wait till get a full install 🙂

  46. Martin Kearn says:

    All, please be aware that these instructions are for installing Beta1TR of MOSS. Beta2 is out now and has been for a while, therefore these instructions may be wrong in places. My advice now is to use the official Microsoft documentation which you can get at

    I do not intend to update these guidelines for Beta2 or any future releases as I think the official documents are good enough now.

    Thanks – Martin

  47. Martin Kearn says:

    Just catching up on all the comments (in most recent order)…

    1) The version of Windows Workflow that is require for MOSS Beta2 is Beta 2.2 (file number = 6.0.2800.1106, File name = Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Components Beta 2_2(EN) for x86.exe). Please bear in mind that these instructions are for Beta1TR, therefore the WinWF version number is wrong for Beta2

    2) Make sure that the Microsoft Office Server Search service is started before you create your SSP

    3) More info about BDC can be found in the SDK ( I also plan to blog about this topic soon

    4) In beta2 you can install on a DC but you need a special patch which you can get from the ‘known issues’ page ( )

    5) For any other questions, I’m sorry, I do not have an immediate answer for you. I’ll try to answer when I get time, otherwise, I recomend that you use the support newsgroups to get a response.

  48. ripos says:

    Hi, All.

    I met the next issue and workaround.

    I use rdp/tc to install sps2007.

    At the point where the long blue installation bar should appear it writes ‘some error’ and in log smthing about DLCAPPdlcapp.MSI

    The solution was install from the image in the virtual drive of the server and not from the virual drive of the client of rdp.

    (use E: instead of the \tsclientE )

  49. Asad says:

    How can i control the creation of the Sharepoint_AdminContent database, as i don’t like to use the default folders for data and log files.

    Thanks alot.

  50. philips says:

    Hi. I have two VM’s (one a DC) and was installing on the non-DC VM, I used a domain account with local admin rights on the VM. I selected the Basic install option.  It wasn’t working (some strange error about not being able to find msxml.msi) anyway, I switched to using the VM’s local admin account AND did the Advanced–>(single server/MSDE) install and it worked. So I’m not sure if the problem was with the account or the BASIC install option.

  51. A couple of resources for (re-)installing MOSS

  52. Bilal says:

    I’ve just installed beta 2 on my system, even tho ive followed your steps,when i create a new web application from an existing website, nothing is available. ( there is no default website available )

    as a result the web application and the site collection i create are based on a new webiste and navigate to ‘Page not found’ after i get the success screen.

    so what did i miss during setup ?

  53. Bilal says:

    i followed martin kearns blog to setup sharepoint:

    after setting up a New SSP

    i created a new web application based on the default website.

    i got a message :

    "thread has stopped"

    then (just hopefully) i created a site collection for that web application

    i got a message :

    " http://bluegrassportal/ successfully created  

    but when i clicked on the link

    The page cannot be displayed – fimiliar IE message and no website

    now whenever i try to create a new web application the :

    "use an existing website"

    option is no longer available

    and everything created using the other option would not be displayed (The page cannot be displayed)

    So ?

    how to make a default website again ?

  54. Christophe says:


    I keep having this error message when starting the installation of Sharepoint Server 2007:

    Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error: This product requires Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 (Build 3.0.3807.7 or later) blah blah blah.

    It is install, I even installed it and reinstall it to be sure but it keep asking for it… Any idea???

    Thank you

  55. Christophe says:

    That’s ok I have found the problem.  Actually the link you give for the workflow foundation is not the correct one (well in my case at least).  What I did is:

    1/ reinstall Framework 2.2beta by downloading the file from the following link:

    and then install the workfow foundation usign the following link:

    anyway thank you for your help

  56. Kirty says:

    I have this multiple problem due to installing SharePoint Server 2007 beta 2 after uninstalling the same version. I’m using Windows Server 2003 + SP1 and the language of server is French.

    When trying to access configuration wizard, I get the error that:

    ‘SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard Help file could not be found.Repair this product by selecting it from Add/Remove Programs menu.’

    However I don’t find this help file in the Add/Remove programs menu.

    I am able to lauch the configuration wizard through the Central Administration shortcut of SHarePoint.

    But then,

    I keep getting this error with configuration wizard :

    An exception of type System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException was thrown. Additional exception information: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:Program FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions12Template1033xmlAlertTemplates.xml’

    I tried changing the ‘1036’ to ‘1033’ in the path name above.

    Then I got the famous ‘Language not supported’ error. Used Regedit.exe to putHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsWeb Server Extensions12.0ServerLanguage1033 to blank.

    But still getting the same error.

    I spent a whole day this 🙁 Any help would be very welcome 🙂

    Thanks loads!

  57. @Bilal: You can get back your default website by recreating it with the IIS Manager. Check for the configurations on another machine still running the default website.

  58. Christophe says:


    I always get a error message when configuring the sharepoint server database when registring sharepoint (step 4 or 5 in the configuartion database wizard).

    In the event log I have a login failed event to the database.

    On the SQL server I have an event 18456 (login failed) the strange thing is that the user is not the one I am using I think that it is trying to create it (sharepointserversharepointserver$)

    The user I am using is:

    – local admin on both sharepoint server and  

     SQL server.

    – Domain user

    – System administrator/Satabase

     creator/security administrator for SQL

    Does someone know about this problem?

  59. Sangeetha says:

    I followed the exact steps, but when i open the site, its says Page not Found.

    Please help

  60. Decoy Donkey (IRL) says:

    I’m at the Service Configuration stage of the install but when I go to specify the "Dedicated web front end computer for crawling," the drop down menu is empty??  Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated

  61. ynrreddy says:


    i tried to install Beta2 technical refresh

    i uninstalled windows workflow foundation

    i installed .net framework 3.0 release candidate

    i started installing Beta 2 Technical refresh sucessfully

    after that i run Sharepoint Products and technologies configuration wizard it had thrown error SPTimerv3 is not able to start i started it manually from Services and again restarted Sharepoint Products and technologies configuration wizard it has given the following error

    Failed to initialize SharePoint Products and Technologies upgrade

    An exception of type Microsoft.Sharepoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException was thrown Additional excepton information: Unable to upgrade SharePoint Products and Technologies because an upgrade is already in progress

    My sharepoint central administration stopped working and i am even not able to uninstall wss3.0 and all my sharepoint sites stopped working even sharepoint central administration is not working can you please suggest what can i do to solve this problem



  62. Raul Ribeiro says:

    SharePoint 2007 – General information SharePoint Server 2007 – Hidden gems Microsoft Office SharePoint

  63. Danny says:

    Whatever Windows Workflow foundation i install, the setup program won’t run saying "you need to install windows workflow foundation beta 2 " is there something wrong with a registry key??

  64. f.grasel says:

    I have the same problem as ynrreddy! I can’t update my envirement – everytime I run the configuration wizard, I get at start the same error message: exception "Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException" – an update is currently in progress….

    I’m getting insane!!! nothing helps – no restart, even I’m not able to deinstall sharepoint 2007 :-(.. when I want to repair the sharepoint 2007 I get an error message, that a installation package for the excel services language pack german is not found (I can’t even find this!!)

    So I would be very glad, if someone can help me!!

    Best regards!!


  65. Regarding the "Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException" error. It looks like you are having a problem with the configuration wizard. Try running it via the command line by using this command:

    psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait -force

  66. Jared says:

    After B2TR the Central admin stopped

    working and cannot reconfigure.

    Getting Unable to upgrade SharePoint

    Products and Technologies

    because an upgrade is already in

    progress.  Cannot uninstall.

    Can’t do anything with this install.

    Any suggestions?

  67. Gerard D'Souza says:


    When i try installing Sharepoint 2007 on a singlr machine while running the configuration i get the following error

    Application Server Administration job failed for service instance Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchAdminSharedWebServiceInstance (4a293f94-0984-4101-a896-dd15b6741149).

    Reason: Failed to connect to an IPC Port: The system cannot find the file specified.

    the product name is the event viewer is mentioned as office 2007, but i currently have office 2003 installed on the machin.

    Can anyone please help me with this



  68. Marcus Tucker says:

    Thank you Martin, you’re a savioiur! The "-force" switch did the job!

    I’d encountered the same "upgrade already in progress" when reattempting the upgrade after my host PC BSOD’d on me while performing the final stage of the upgrade to B2TR on the VPC that was distributed on the Beta2 DVD… doh!

  69. RickB says:

    i’m getting this message when creating sample data in step 8. does any one have any idea what is going on??

    Exception: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database "MySiteContent_d6c28dff-cb5c-4358-8cb7-a8c52a4085c9" requested by the login. The login failed.

    Login failed for user ‘CYBER48WS2003Administrator’

  70. TheBruce says:

    If you’ve installed the 3.0 framework (final, not beta) and you’re getting ‘This product requires Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 (Build 3.0.3807.7 or later)’ errors.  

    Try copying the registry:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftNET Framework SetupNDPv3.0SetupWindows Workflow Foundation


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWinFX RunTime3.0SetupWindows Workflow Foundation

    (Thank Regmon :))

  71. Arulraja says:

    Hi All,

       I have successfully installed the Beta2 TR and working fine.LAst 20 days everything worked fine except SSO service.SO,I try to reconfigure sharepoint product and technologies because of SSo service but that gives an when perform the finalize tasks

     Error Detais : "SharePoint products and Technologies Configuration wiza has encountered a problem and need to close.We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you were in the middle of something,the information you were working on might be lost."

    I closed the window.After that i am entering into central administration site but not working  Error message : Service unavailable.

    But all other SSp’s  and related bdc’s are working.

    Can any one please help me to resolve the issue.Very Urgent!



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