Testing WCF service implementations

When writing WCF implementations, or any code for that matter, testing is an important part of the process. This week, I was building tests for implemented WCF services and had difficulty aligning all the external dependencies of the tests (running hosts, configuration settings, behavior component references, etc). As a result, I set up my WCF…


WCF Message validation (1) – WCF samples to the rescue

Recently, I needed to validatie messages going into a WCF service. It turned out the WCF samples are a rich source of knowledge and I found a sample which performs XMLSchema-based validation in \TechnologySamples\Extensibility\MessageInspectors.   The sample contains a few classes: ClientValidationException.cs Defines exceptions where validation fails clientside SchemaValidationBehavior.cs Defines an implementation of IEndpointBehavior in order…


Shockwave Flash preview handler for Windows Vista and Outlook 2007.

Based on the excellent article from Stephen Toub, I was inspired to write a Shockwave Flash preview handler. Basically, it’s just a plain UserControl which hosts the ActiveX wrapper for the player. It works from both Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista. The installer is attached. SwfPreviewHandlers.msi


Programmatic BizTalk Server Orchestrations – code repost

A previous post of mine had some sample code on creating BizTalk Server Orchestrations programmatically, opening up template based guidance packages. The sourcecode for the sample can now be found here.


BizTalk Server Pipeline Component Wizard moved

As we are phasing out GotDotNet, projects need a new location to be hosted. I’ve moved the BizTalk Server Pipeline Component Wizard to it’s new location. Please find it here.


CAB WPF XBAP implementation available (again)

In the time to come, I’ll be uploading packages available from my previous blog in the past because they got lost during my ISP transfer. First off, here’s the CompositeUI Application Block XBAP WPF implementation, as I blogged about here. Please note the passwords for both protected signing keys are empty within the solution. This…


Integration Masterclass Redelivery

Microsoft Consulting Services in The Netherlands has developed a great integration masterclass, in which integration specialists compare Microsoft integration technologies and deliver real-world field experience in BizTalk Server implementations including best practices, tips and tricks. Check out the webpage at http://www.microsoft.com/netherlands/evenementen/integration.aspx for more information (Dutch content).



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