The blog has started!

Hi Everyone

In first post I would like to introduce myself. I’m Marek Latuskiewicz and I’m a development Lead in the team dealing (among other things) with Silverlight Visualizations for various types of data.

Why am I starting this blog?

The reason is I’ve notice that many programmers (especially without WPF background) when first writing Silverlight code are at lost and still many areas don't have well defined design patterns.

In my blog I’m going to post two types of entries

·         Ready to take architectural solutions for certain problems. These shall be as simple and as generic as possible. Always with working code

·         Short posts about certain aspects of Silverlight / C# programming

So what’s coming next?

In this week I post the part number one (of two) “How to create animated panels in Silverlight 2 and 3”.

I’m going to post once a week (unless on vacations ;)).

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