New Whitepaper/Samples for creating custom DataGridView cell/columns

The DataGridView developer has recently completed and posted two new whitepapers that implement a custom RadioButton cell/column and a numeric up/down cell/column.

Check them out and post comments here:


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  1. Gerry says:


    I don’t know if you have the time to answer this, but I found your blog so here goes.

    I’m trying to use a DataGridView in a C# application to display data that is being updated on a thread that gets its information from a tcpsocket connected to a stock market data server.  I get large a varied number of exceptions from the DataGridView because it is trying to paint while the underlying DataSource is being modified.

    My DataSource inherits from DataSet and uses a DataTable to keep row information.  Is there any way to lock the DataTable or DataGridView so that the table can be updated?

    The person using the program might be sorting or changing column sizes while the DataTable is changing.   Any ideas?



  2. ANil says:

    Hi ,

    This is very good sample code for datagridview….How I can use this code to make it editable.

    How to populate the data in datagridview control from database.what i need to use to do it

    Your help will be appreciated.


  3. Michael Lee says:

    Your link has a space character at the end.…/ShowPost.aspx

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