UltraNav Scroll Helper – followup

As a follow up to my post on getting the DataGridView and UltraNav/IBM scroll button to work, I've created a simple component that makes adding UltraNav support throughout your app easy. The code is contained in a class called UltraNavScrollHelper.

Here are two usages:

A) Use with DataGridView
public class myDGV : DataGridView
    private UltraNavScrollHelper scrollHelper;
    public myDGV()
        scrollHelper = new UltraNavScrollHelper(this, this.HorizontalScrollBar, this.VerticalScrollBar);
    protected override void Dispose(bool disposing)

B) Use at design time with scroll bar controls

  1. Create panel
  2. drag and drop horizontal and vertical scroll bar controls in the panel
  3. drag and drop the UltraNavScrollHelper component from the toolbox
  4. Set the UltraNavScrollHelper Control property to the panel
  5. Set the UltraNavScrollHelper HorizontalScrollBar and VerticalScrollBar properties to the horizontal and vertical scroll bar controls on the panel.
  6. Run


Comments (1)

  1. Anders says:

    This is brilliant! Great work!

    Works flawless with no side effects and that helper-class is easy to use. 🙂


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