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Feel free to use based upon the Microsoft Ms-PL license: -mark


Links Fixed Updated

Sorry for the hiccup on some of the links for samples. Those have now been fixed. -mark


Great accessiblity post

Andrew Tokeley has a great post about work he’s been involved in called ButtercupReader – it’s a showcase of how Silverlight 2.0 can be used to build an application that blind and partially sighted folks can use to read digital books.   Check it out:   -mark  


TechEd Session Building a Silverlight Application Project

Finally I’m positing the Silverlight 2 Beta 2 project for my TechEd “Building Rich Internet Applications in Silverlight” talk. Sorry for the week delay I took off after TechEd for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party (remember I said that I’m a proud dad?)   Here is the link to the project zip:    …


TechEd Session Slides

Below is the link to the slide deck(s) for the two TechEd 2008 sessions. I’ll be posting the projects once Silverlight 2 Beta 2 ships this week (since they require Beta2)  -mark


Pwnd by the demo gods

Ok – so my TechEd presentation came and went and all I can say is that “I was pwnd by the demo gods!” Yup if something could go wrong it did. Does anyone else need a café express tee shirt “I was pwnd by the demo gods!”? I think I will wear one around for…


Ok – what about this Silverlight thing?

As you can see I concluded my “short story” blog post (previous post) saying that I’m at TechEd – and that is correct. I’ll be at TechEd 2008 all this (June 2nd through June 6th ) week. I’ll be presenting on Tuesday about Silverlight 2 so please come by and listen (3pm to 6pm EST…


Shortest story of the past two years

Yup I’ve not updated my blog for almost 2 years. The shortest story for the past two years is that: We started a family (see previous post) I changed jobs – I’ve been a PM on Silverlight since 2006 Shipped Silverlight 1.0 Working on Silverlight 2 At TechEd 2008 What a Wild time. -mark


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Still alive.

Sorry I haven’t posted any new. Since March I’ve moved to a different group here at Microsoft and on the home front I’ve become a father to a baby girl! Hopefully in the next few months I’ll post more about what I’m doing here at Microsoft.  thanks-mark