Windows Azure Benchmarks Show Top Performance for Big Compute

This was an interesting read: Following is a quote from this article (context of this quote is genome analysis): “Over 1,000,000 tasks were scheduled by the HPC Pack over 72 hours, consuming the equivalent of 1.9 million compute hours. The same computation would have taken 25 years to complete on a single 8-core server.”…


Disclosures from SQL PASS Summit 2012

New in-memory database capability (code named “Hekaton”) SQL Server 2012 PDW SQL Server 2012 SP1 General Availability, providing rich integration and support for the new business intelligence capabilities in Office 2013.


The Register Takes Another Look at Windows Server 2012

The Register Takes Another Look at Windows Server 2012 and likes what they see with callouts about: PowerShell Server Core and Minimal Server ReFS Hyper-V Link and full article below.


Microsoft Reaches Definitive Agreement to Acquire StorSimple

Interesting news on the Azure Storage front.  StorSimple created an appliance that you can drop into your datacenter and makes Azure cloud storage look just like storage in your own datacenter.  It also provides a local cache for files that are more frequently used so they are more quickly available.  Apparently, we liked it so…


My next phone :)


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8: What’s new for business users

We launched Windows Phone 8 on Monday (right on the heels of Windows 8), and carriers will start selling them in November.  Mary Jo Foley wrote a good article for ZDNet on what is new in Windows Phone 8 for business here:


Microsoft eBook Gallery

Here’s another great link to a bunch of FREE Microsoft eBooks: