MSDN UK events – Silverlight and WPF

The guys in the MSDN team are presenting a load of events on rich client technologies during February: Event Description Audience: Developers In this half-day session we’ll do a refresh of the technologies that we can use to build rich, interactive clients with .NET in 2008. We’ll take a look at how we can be…


BMW first car company to implement Microsoft Surface

Phizzpop winners from New York, Vector Form have worked with BMW to create this Microsoft Surface based car designer. Very nice indeed! Can’t wait to see some UK agencies and what they can achieve with WPF, Expression and Surface! (Via Engadget)


Microsoft Student Technology Day Videos Online – SteveB and more industry/MSFT greats

On 1 October 2008, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer and a host of industry professionals discussed the next generation of computer science innovations with more than 300 students and lecturers from across the UK – the event was the Student Technology Day. The videos are now all online in glorious Silverlight. And I’ve embedded the big…


Remix videos online

Remix was only a few weeks ago now, and for those that missed out on the experience we have uploaded all the sessions and recordings for the event to the Remix site.   Highlights for me: Anything by Bill Buxton! How we built the wall by AllofUs Becoming human; smiling like you mean it, and…


I’ll be at Remix UK in Brighton on 18-19 September

I’m going to be at Remix in Brighton on 18-19 September. It is going to be great. Tonnes of great content. Great speakers. Great location. It should be the Great British Remix 🙂 I’ll be there in my new role as Expression Product Manager, rather than my other role with academics/students. If you are a…


Mix UK is event registration is live

Ian has the scoop on Mix UK event site going live. Great news for all web developers and designers in the UK interested in stuff like Silverlight and Expression. Sign up quick as places will go fast!! Technorati Tags: mixuk, mix, silverlight, expression


WPF Hands on lab – building an Outlook clone

One of the questions I get asked most when talking about Windows Presentation Foundation is around whether this technology is just for ‘whizz bang fancy pants graphics stuff’ (I’m paraphrasing) and not really for serious business type apps. The answer I hope is obvious – it’s BOTH. And now there is a Hands-On-Lab which you can…

0 community for rich-client/desktop developers

Ian Moulster has the scoop on launching – it is a new site focused at developers working on rich client applications (run on desktop). It’s a really nice site that combines the two worlds of WinForms and Windows Presentation Foundation. What is Windows Forms? “Windows® Forms is a set of classes in the .NET Framework…


An introduction to WPF for academics

In my old job, I used to spend a lot of time talking to academics about curriculum development covering a number of subject areas. Unfortunately, WPF was never really on the agenda due to timing and it being a beta product – now that it is prime time several academics have contacted the team and they…


End to end WPF demo – Family.Show

Vertigo Software have just shipped Family.Show (family history explorer – stuff that my Dad would dig really!), a complete end to end reference example of building an application using Windows Presentation Foundation The Source Code is available for download Tim Sneath on Family.Show end to end reference WPF sample