Live Photo Gallery uploader to Facebook and YouTube

Two very useful “uploader” wizards for Windows Live Photo Gallery for Facebook and YouTube. LiveUpload for Facebook (Beta) LiveUpload for YouTube (Beta) More goodness from CodePlex! (Hat tip to Sarah)


Loving Windows Live OneCare

Video: Microsoft Windows Live OneCare I’m only a day late for Paddy’s day (disappointing for someone that heralds from Northern Ireland) so thought this was worth posting – I’ve been using OneCare on my home machines for about 4 months now and love it. I’ve just set it up on my parents and sisters…


Fancy staying on Necker Island?

(Credit for photo to svonog <- IC winner) The Windows Live team are running a promotion called BigSnapSearch. Fun prizes through the game "Snap" as you search which can be anything from Virgin Experience Days through to a stay on Richard Branson’s Necker Island worth £12,000. Steve Clayton has more info


SkyDrive out of beta

I love this product! I tend not to back stuff up there much but do use it a lot to send files to friends, colleagues and customers when I need to move stuff around the web. And it’s now out of beta and has 5 GB of storage!


How cool are you this Christmas?

I’ve been involved (in the wings) in a project with the Windows Live team who used DotNet Solutions and later the Silverlight team in Seattle to produce this festive Silverlight based web site that allows users to search for the favourite and worst Christmas gift ideas and rank them on a "cool wall" (similar to…


Added the Instant Messenger Gadget – you can talk to me

I’ve now implemented a great new feature of Windows Live Messenger which enables me to embed my IM presence online so that readers can see my status and even ping me a message and start a conversation. This may not be as bold a move as Eileen or James putting their phone number up there…


Microsoft jobs in Europe for Silverlight development and Live

Students in the UK might be interested in this post from Claire Dillon to see that Microsoft do have developer roles in product groups outside of the bubble that is Redmond.   “Few people know that Microsoft have quite a few core development centres outside Redmond – or that there is in fact one based here…


Windows Live Suite

Windows Live is all starting to come together – at the software installer level at the very least 🙂 (And at the Software+Services but I’m not going that deep tonight, tis Sunday after all) Windows Live is now bundled as a suite of products to help bridge the world of your OS/desktop and the web…

1 – search engine built on Silverlight

Tafiti (or “do research” in Swahili) is a great example of what can be done with Silverlight technology and how it can be applied to enhance traditional applications. You can save and share searches and spin between content (images, blogs, web results, etc):   The search engine technology, of course, is Windows Live  Go to…


Windows Live SkyDrive

Another week another cool product with a decent name. SkyDrive is a great new service in the cloud that will allow you to store your precious files. Quick summary: – 500 MB storage for free (would love to see a high capacity paid for service). – Public, friends (Live contacts) and private settings to protect/share…