My festive geek gift list

Everyone else does one of these, so I couldn’t resist throwing my gadget and geek desires onto HTML/RSS. Flip Mino HD This little beauty is an HD video recording device. It would be cool to start capturing more and more video moments both personally (family stuff to share with the folks back in NI) and…


HP Mini-Note

I blogged about this before here and now it has been released (in the US it seems). In depth video from jkOntherun: If there is anyone in HP UK marketing that wants to loan me one, I’ll happily test it out! (I also know about 18,000 students who connect to our programs who might be…


Gadget rumour drool…

HP’s UMPC 2133 to cost $630 when shipping in April-  If this is true then I’m so getting one of these?!?!


British Army use Xbox 360 controllers :-)

Was sitting with my future brother in-law who is in the RAF as an engineer. We were watching telly and this army jobs ad came on. He knows a few lads who work on UAVs which got us talking, and then I spotted the Xbox 360 controller they were using to drive it – sweet!…


Vista Sidebar Gadget Resources from Conchango

As a nice follow on to my post yesterday about the Universal Music uMusic gadget I spotted on Rich Griffin’s blog an excellent entry with a comprehensive set of resources on coding a gadget and deploying in a production environment: Vista Sidebar Gadget Resources   Technorati tags: sidebar, conchango, gadget, richard griffin


Nice new gadget from Universal Music

If you are into music and want a minimalist way of playing your music collection on your Windows Vista PC, keep up to date with the latest music videos from major record label Universal Music then I know just the solution for you:   Download and Install the UMusic Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget Technorati tags:…


WPF app – Yahoo Messenger looks amazing

With Vista general availability under 3 weeks away, there are more and more companies jumping on the WPF and great user experience bus. Yahoo has just announced its new Messenger applicatin which takes advantage of the .NET Fx 3 and more importantly WPF. The video demo and screenshot show what you can do: It looks like the…


More gadget goodness from DPE Intern, Matt

Matt has been working away on gadgets for a while now, and is becoming a bit of a guru on developing gadgets. He’s actually working on an internal tool for our group to help promote awareness of the various programs and teams in DPE. Check out his latest installment on devloping Sidebar gadgets for Vista….


The Panel – Creating front end experiences

The Panel is a new site/community/buzz thing all about stuff that you look at on Windows Vista and the web. It is going to be a ‘place’ for Microsoft to showcase interesting applications, websites, gadgets that take advantage of all the great new stuff we have in our OS and developer platform: – Windows Presentation…


Now running Vista on all my work machines – including shiny Macbook Pro

  Since RC1 has been released and reading around internally and externally about how stable the OS it was time to upgrade the shiny machine and the Tablet PC to Vista. And all I have to say, is that “Vista has arrived” for me 🙂 I have now got two stable and one very fast…