Microsoft Expression offer in UK 40% off

If you are a designer or developer that works with Microsoft technology (ASP.NET, Silverlight, etc) then this is a cracking offer from the guys over in the Microsoft Store – 40% off which means you can bag Expression Web (upgrade) for just under £60 for instance. Check it out – 40% off select Expression products


Expression UK Newsletter launches – and every issue includes a free gift….

I love working on Expression stuff, it gives me the opportunity to work with inspirational designers and developers who care about user experience and design in software. The launch of the Expression UK newsletter is to let you know about all the great stuff that can be done with Silverlight and WPF using Expression tools…. hack day event in December

Sponsored by Codeplex (aka Microsoft and all things developer + cool + open sourcey) I love and it will be interesting to see what the ‘hackers’ come up with on Sunday 14 December at the Truman Brewery. I know there are going to be some of my team mates attending and there are a…


Microsoft Student Technology Day Videos Online – SteveB and more industry/MSFT greats

On 1 October 2008, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer and a host of industry professionals discussed the next generation of computer science innovations with more than 300 students and lecturers from across the UK – the event was the Student Technology Day. The videos are now all online in glorious Silverlight. And I’ve embedded the big…


Visual Express Developer Center in Silverlight  Features include: Animated landing pages Interactive menus to explore by product or interest area Interactive product tours for each version


innerworkings – Train your developers to code (properly)

I spent some time talking to Bob and the guys at innerworkings about their product and service – it is a developer training interface which integrates directly with Visual Studio and gives developers (ones that write code for a living rather than students) practice based learning opportunities to hone and improve their skills on building…


Silverlight and me appear on Partner TV (again)

The second shorter video (first one is here) with James Senior and I talking about Silverlight and what you can achieve with a few of the stock demos and me messing about with my old Mac and showing cross-platform debugging of Silverlight. Partner-TV: Silverlight Demo


Microsoft UK Student page goes live – built on Silverlight

I haven’t been part of the development but it’s good to see this finally go live. We’ve been hankering for a 1-stop-shop for students wanting to see what Microsoft has to offer for ages and finally have it at: It highlights: Windows Vista Windows Media Xbox and PC gaming Jobs Office 2007 Windows Mobile…


Silverlight and the Dynamic Language Runtime

I was talking to my new teammate, the honorable Dr. Andrew Sithers (not sure if he honorable or not, but thought it sounded good), about Silverlight and it’s ability to harness the power of dynamic languages inside Silverlight 1.1 (the one with .NET in it!). His question was “does the 1.1 release just have the DLR…

2 community for rich-client/desktop developers

Ian Moulster has the scoop on launching – it is a new site focused at developers working on rich client applications (run on desktop). It’s a really nice site that combines the two worlds of WinForms and Windows Presentation Foundation. What is Windows Forms? “Windows® Forms is a set of classes in the .NET Framework…