Free web application hackers workshop coming up

SPI Dynamics are running a web application hacking workshop at Microsoft UK campus on the 26th April and it is FREE for anyone to attend. Thankfully, it’s not free for wannabe hackers but is all about helping web developers secure their applications and code from known security vulnerabilities through the browser. What you will learn: The…


Reach/richness of user experience technologies

Mike Taulty in my team posted a great diagram describing the reach/richness of Microsoft presentation technologies. This really sums up the world of presentaiton technologies and web technologies which I hope to present on for the next year or two! I’ve got a LOT to learn – the first two (incl. ASP.NET) I’m cool with but…


ASP.NET Ajax Beta Released

After numerous ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ CTPs there is now an ASP.NET Ajax v1.0 Beta for people to play with. Looks like it has just gone live (2.50AM west-coast USA). This is quite a significant jump in the product shipping cycle and brings it one step closer to being released with out any ‘CTP’ or ‘Beta’ suffix!…


Getting design time rendering of ASP.NET Themes in Expression Web

MikeO on my team asked me what was Expression Web’s support for ASP.NET Themes – a great bit of functionality in ASP.NET 2.0 which allows developers to dictate the appearance of controls in a web application using template files with a .skin extension and also using style sheets. I didn’t know the answer, so off…


Ruby on .NET and WPF revolution

I get a regular email from the people over on and the most recent one included some interesting stuff for web developers and those interested in developing clients using WPF. First, people are porting Ruby onto the .NET Framework which could bring the no-fuss-easy-to-get-going style of Rails to web development on the Microsoft platform….


NextDesignNow – great resource for budding UX gurus like me!  David Shadle is a User eXperience Evangelist at Microsoft in Redmond and maintains a great set of resources for all the different presentation technologies. I have started to work my way through some of the links and there is a wealth of information to read. Check it out…