6 Silverlight Screencasts (MSDN Nuggets)

I’ve finally got round to uploading some short MSDN Nuggets looking at particular features of Silverlight (1.1 on the whole). Here they are: Silverlight Streaming Silverlight – Linking Silverlight and ASP.NET Projects Silverlight – Debugging between Mac and Windows Silverlight – Using Ink Silverlight – Accessing HTML from managed code Silverlight 1.1 Programming – Full…


Channel9, on10….Channel 8 is coming….

It’s going to be funky with a logo like that! And you can probably guess who it’s targeted at given my new job focusing on students 😉 http://channel8.msdn.com Technorati Tags: channel9, on10, channel8


BMW and Silverlight

I love it when two of my favourite things come together. Now, I’m not a big BMW fan (too many lane hoggers in the UK) but am a car nut (driven a Ferrari F430, had 2 MINIs and know way too much about most cars, etc) Silverlight is being used on the BMW TV site…


Getting design time rendering of ASP.NET Themes in Expression Web

MikeO on my team asked me what was Expression Web’s support for ASP.NET Themes – a great bit of functionality in ASP.NET 2.0 which allows developers to dictate the appearance of controls in a web application using template files with a .skin extension and also using style sheets. I didn’t know the answer, so off…


macbook pro issues – bootcamp, ati and external monitors

In my new role as a Developer Evangelist working on web technologies for designers and developers, I thought it would be a good idea to break the typical Microsoft techy mold and not have a beefy laptop or tablet to do demos and presentations on. I have decided to use an Apple, a MacBook Pro…


Silverlight interview with me on Partner TV

It’s a surreal experience seeing yourself in the browser talking about Silverlight (very slick Silverlight based player they are using!!) – James and I chewed the fat on Silverlight to Microsoft Partner’s an insight into why Silverlight matters. Partner TV: Silverlight Overview Think there may be another (shorter) video with a Mac debugging demo on…


Me = Evangelism -> Marketing

It’s finally public knowledge, that I am moving away from pure evangelism (yeap, that’s my job title!) and over to marketing! I currently spend a lot of time deep in technology (primarily Silverlight and WPF) coding, learning it and talking about it and I’ve enjoyed the immense opportunities this has given me (from being part…


Silverlight comes to Nokia

Bit slow off the mark on this one as I was travelling north yesterday (wish I was travelling west to Mix :-)). Seems Silverlight is coming to mobile devices and to Nokia first. Very cool. Roberto D’Angelo has the detail. Scoble raises a fun question on whether Steve Jobs would pick Silverlight for the iPhone….


innerworkings – Train your developers to code (properly)

I spent some time talking to Bob and the guys at innerworkings about their product and service – it is a developer training interface which integrates directly with Visual Studio and gives developers (ones that write code for a living rather than students) practice based learning opportunities to hone and improve their skills on building…


Microsoft jobs in Europe for Silverlight development and Live

Students in the UK might be interested in this post from Claire Dillon to see that Microsoft do have developer roles in product groups outside of the bubble that is Redmond.   “Few people know that Microsoft have quite a few core development centres outside Redmond – or that there is in fact one based here…