Expression 3 available for pre-order

My buddy Chris let me know that the Microsoft Store in the UK has the Expression 3 suite of designer products available for pre-order. Mike Ormond has a great post about Expression 3 and a cool video on the new features in Expression Web 3 If you are interested in purchasing, check out MS Store

From about:blank to

After an amazing week at the annual MGX conference for Microsoft’s sales and marketing ‘field’ – people like me who work in places like the UK rather than directly on products in Redmond – I made a subtle but important change to my browser – I flipped my default homepage to Bing: I’ve never been…


Microsoft Expression offer in UK 40% off

If you are a designer or developer that works with Microsoft technology (ASP.NET, Silverlight, etc) then this is a cracking offer from the guys over in the Microsoft Store – 40% off which means you can bag Expression Web (upgrade) for just under £60 for instance. Check it out – 40% off select Expression products


Flash v Silverlight Gallery

Stumbled across this great site with a tonne of examples built for Flash and Silverlight. It’s from Terence Tsang, who has 6 years Flash experience and 1 year in Silverlight. Examples include source code demonstrating effects, animation and 3D. If you are a Flash developer and trying to understand Silverlight then this might be a…


New Media what?

I really enjoyed this video for 2 reasons: I’ve been talking about this ‘stuff’ for a while now in marketing meetings, and I am guilty of many of the comments in the video. My niece knows douchebag is a ‘naughty word’ and loves to tell people off when they use it (not bad for a…

More designer/developer wallpaper – use it and win coffee

Continuing on from my previous post celebrating the launch of the UK Expression Newsletter I have another set of wallpapers to share with you. This time from the very talented A Meeting of the Minds Available in all sorts of resolutions. Grab it now from Flickr COMPETITION – Email me a link to…


A tidy desk

This blog post is classified under OCD I have a few pet hates in life, and one of them is how messy cables can look going from my PC to my monitor! So, during #uksnow 2009 I took it upon myself to fix this issue once and for all. And decided to document the process….


Dell Social Innovation competition

Dell just announced a competition for students challenging them to come up with innovative ideas to solve global issues. It’s very similar to Microsoft’s Imagine Cup with the difference being that the IC is focused more on applying the technology to the idea that the students come up with. I’ll be keeping an eye on…


Microsoft Expression Webcasts

My colleagues in the US created a tonne of great video training content for Microsoft Expression design tools. I think there are something like 28 videos in total. A good starting point if you haven’t used Expression before is to try the fundamentals series: Microsoft Expression Blend Fundamentals Microsoft Expression Web Fundamentals  Microsoft Expression Design…

MSDN UK events – Silverlight and WPF

The guys in the MSDN team are presenting a load of events on rich client technologies during February: Event Description Audience: Developers In this half-day session we’ll do a refresh of the technologies that we can use to build rich, interactive clients with .NET in 2008. We’ll take a look at how we can be…