FREE Designer event in Manchester on 3/12 – Screenedit Sessions


I've teamed up with the chaps from Tricky Business, Splendid and my northern pal Phil Winstanley to organise an evening focused on design and what Microsoft has to offer designers and developers who care about Experience/UX/Silverlight/WPF/Expression/Cool and beautiful technology

The sessions look pretty cool:

Tricky from Tricky Business:

People don't buy products, they buy experiences. Get the thoughts of Tricky on 'experience design' and the methods that his team have put into practice on digital projects for Audi, Alton Towers and John L Scott. Discover why design is an essential stage in the creation of rich interfaces, and how you can shape your product so that it's right for the people who really matter, your customers!

Ben and Michael from Splendid:

Leave the thoughts of plug-ins and technology stacks at the door, we want to talk to you about how we create a compelling user experience for the coolest brand in the world (that’s official) going through real world experiences and showing you the outcome (with no acronyms used along the way).

And my contribution to this great event, I'm buying the beers and food! So come along.

Register now as spaces are limited

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