Remix Expression Studio Subscriptions

It’s only been a month since Remix and we have gotten all the Expression Studio Subscription forms scanned and uploaded so that the designers and developers who attended can explore the rich platforms of WPF and Silverlight by building apps using Expression Studio.

There have been a small percentage (less than 3% for transparency) that have had trouble activating and accessing their new Expression Studio Professional Subscription. I put this quick blog post to help guide attendees through how to activate and get started with the subscription:

Activating and getting set up with Expression Studio Professional Subscription

In addition to that, I wanted to add that if there are any issues or you have not received your subscription information to go through the following steps (in order!):

  • Check your junk mail filter to see if it is hidden there.
  • If Live ID isn’t playing ball when you try to sign in for the first time, try doing a refresh of the browser (Shift + F5). Not sure what is causing this but will endeavour to find out and fix
  • Contact the local customer services centre with your details to see if they can reset or resolve any issue you may have - click here
  • Any other problems then please drop me an email and I’ll try to assist (be warned that response times will be slower than customer services but I’m here to help!!)

    Any other comments then please let me know in the comments section.

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