Mojave Experiment, now with added Silverlight

Whenever Microsoft release a site with Flash on it these days, there is a lot of stick both internally and on the blogosphere about why the marketing team didn’t mandate the agency build it using Silverlight.  It’s amazing to see that the Vista marketing folks have released an updated version of the site built on…


Imagine Cup UK – The winners story

It seems like a lifetime ago that we held the Imagine Cup UK finals in London and over 150 students, partners and press came together to see what the competition was all about and how students were helping to fight climate change. Ben and Dominic won the Software Design competition, and after competing at the…


Expression Blend tutorial videos on

Load of great videos on how to use Expression Blend, Design and their siblings in Expression Studio are up on the Videos site (currently in Beta). Expression Studio tutorials


I’ll be at Remix UK in Brighton on 18-19 September

I’m going to be at Remix in Brighton on 18-19 September. It is going to be great. Tonnes of great content. Great speakers. Great location. It should be the Great British Remix 🙂 I’ll be there in my new role as Expression Product Manager, rather than my other role with academics/students. If you are a…


Imagine Cup Short Films online

One of the most exciting parts of the Imagine Cup worldwide finals each year (I’ve done 3 now) is the showing of the Short Film category. The teams have a simple brief, make a kick arse short film during the WW finals using the surrounding city as your set. The results are astonishing and remind…


Silverlight + Deepzoom + Cars = Me Happy

I saw this internally and again on Tim Heuer’s blog. Kelley Blue Book looks similar to an AutoTrader or Autoebid in the UK and it’s Perfect Car Finder service built using Deepzoom and Silverlight allows users to filter on their preferences and see the cars available to them visually before zooming in to see a…


Managing a lot of email – PIFEM email management solution

I stumbled across this blog post from Angus Logan about drowning in email and managing that using a system called PIFEM. I’ve read Getting Things Done and thought it was interesting – unfortunately I was bored on a 7 hour bus journey from Alice Springs to Uluru while travelling around Australia, so I didn’t really…