Solving BIG problems with software? Get ready for Imagine Cup 2009

It will not be long before I start talking all about Imagine Cup 2009 and the plans we have locally in the UK and at the global competition level. And it's looking better than ever!

IC09_CorporateLogo_standardI did attend the Imagine Cup Paris finals, but failed miserably at blogging while I was there for a variety of reasons - 1. I was working like crazy over the 4 days I was there; 2. I was twittering at 

So what is Imagine Cup 2009 all about? Three things really:

1. Solving all the worlds problems. This is great news, no longer just one theme to tackle but all the big issues facing society today. See Ed's post for more info

2. More Microsoft technologies to play with. 2008/9 is going to be a BIG year for Microsoft in terms of technology. Stuff like Software + Services, Silverlight, Robotics, XNA, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile,...this list could go on for ages.

3. Great worldwide finals. Cairo, Egypt, Pyramids, bustling city, Sphinx, 'nuff said.  

I would encourage students to register early and start thinking about ideas for Software Design, Game, Embedded, Short Films, etc. Want some inspiration check out this post on what venture capitalists think the big potential software solutions are - YCombinator Ideas

Register and

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