FreePlay Lounge – the movie!

Video: Free Play Lounge, GameCity07 Paul Foster recorded the event I mentioned earlier. Looked like a great party!


Faculty: Promoting Imagine Cup to your students

We get a lot of requests from faculty to promote the Imagine Cup to their students. To that end, we’ve pulled together several resources that will make it easier to promote to your students. URL to promote to students to register (and The Competitors Guide A glossy guide that helps students get started…


Xbox 360 + Students + Paul Smith = Freeplay lounge and GamesCity event

  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but it looked like a cracking event (pulled together mainly by Claire on our team!). A great event hosted by Nottingham council and Nottingham Trent University. We hosted a bunch of academics and students at two venues – a Paul Smith cinema and bar called Bluu to show…


Are you interested in teaching Silverlight? Then read on…

Kate put up a post on our Academic blog around a new teaching program we are planning to roll out in the next couple of months and she is looking for feedback and a gauge of interest with any UK academics – specifically both our traditional audience of Computer Science/Engineering and those from a Design…


Xbox 360 Elites have arrived…

The prizes for the Imagine Cup UK Quiz and Registration have started to arrive – I have a bunch of Xbox 360 Elites on my desk and waiting for people to register to do the monthly prize draw Take the Quiz 🙂


Mix:UK session videos now available

Like many people…well, most actually missed the cool event which was Mix:UK in September. Ian Moulster posted that the sessions were recorded and now live: We recorded most of the sessions at the recent Mix:UK event and have now made them available online for you to view / download. They’re available at, and worth…


Microsoft jobs in Europe for Silverlight development and Live

Students in the UK might be interested in this post from Claire Dillon to see that Microsoft do have developer roles in product groups outside of the bubble that is Redmond.   “Few people know that Microsoft have quite a few core development centres outside Redmond – or that there is in fact one based here…


Silverlight and me appear on Partner TV (again)

The second shorter video (first one is here) with James Senior and I talking about Silverlight and what you can achieve with a few of the stock demos and me messing about with my old Mac and showing cross-platform debugging of Silverlight. Partner-TV: Silverlight Demo


Imagine Cup UK launches – Students Enter Now!

Do you like technology? Want to kick start your career while at university? Fancy the opportunity to win a week in Microsoft headquarters in Seattle (Redmond) shadowing the Popfly team? Or just want to show that your university is better than its biggest competitor? The answer is really simple – The Imagine Cup UK. It…