Green Windows Home Server

I was reading Matt McSpirit's blog and stumbled upon Tranquil PC, a company Matt has been talking to about their new Windows Home Server product T7-HSA.

I've been thinking of getting a WHS machine for a while now to hold and back-up all my important data and something had been concerning me - running a server 24/7 and the costs (to my bank balance and the environment). The guys at Tranquil PC seem to have nailed this one with a solid machine!

HSA_UPRIGHTIt has a great form factor designed to be low power consumption and uses only 24W in basic configuration. I did a bit of searching to see what that means in simple terms and it ends up being about half a desktop PC.

I found this great article about power consumption and power saving by PC Pro 

Now, if I bring this back to the Imagine Cup and "Imagine a world where technology enables a more sustainable environment for all" you can see the opportunity to write software solutions which maximise the investments in cost saving hardware. What might that idea be?

Check out David and the TranquilPC blog

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