A little blog redirection

I've been umming and ahhing about what to do with this now that I have changed roles and no longer getting to spend all my time with the fun world of Silverlight and WPF. I've had some great experiences and decent traffic through my blog, especially around Silvelright (6 Silverlight screen casts has been popular :-))

righturn But now my job is so much more varied and a lot less technical (but trust me I'm never losing my passion for it) I need to move this blog in a different direction. I've always had an eclectic interest in technology and hopefully this will give me plenty to talk about.

There are so many good things going on right now in the MS/tech/student space and that's where this blog is going:

  • Imagine Cup: expect lots of technology stories about this year's competition, theme (the environment) and previous competitors stories
  • Windows Live
  • Windows Vista and consumer stuff:
  • Silverlight and general web dev
  • Facebook: from a marketers and end-user point of view

Thanks to Mr Clayton for the nudge in the right direction for this post!

(I don't blame any of my 3 readers for hitting the unsubscribe button, point your add browser to either of Mike T's or Mike O's or some of the many Silverlight.net blogs and you'll get your Silverlight fix)

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