Windows Live SkyDrive

Another week another cool product with a decent name.

SkyDrive is a great new service in the cloud that will allow you to store your precious files.


Quick summary:

- 500 MB storage for free (would love to see a high capacity paid for service).

- Public, friends (Live contacts) and private settings to protect/share your files

- Drag and drop your files

- Embed your stuff anywhere (like below).


Brandon LeBlanc over on the Windows Vista blog has the details on the name change from Windows Live Folders to SkyDrive, and more importantly the new features and a shiny video demo to show it all off - Store your files in “the cloud” with Windows Live SkyDrive 


Some very cool stuff right now - with the release of the Windows Home Server recently and the potential of SkyDrive with an API could lead to some very cool solutions to enable 'digital immortality' (someone important called Ray Oz-something used recently).

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