MSDN Roadshow 2007 is over

As Martin and Mike have both blogged about, the last re-run of this year's MSDN Roadshow took place on Monday in London. It was a nice venue and good crowd so fun for all the team to end on a high.

Like Martin and the Windows Live content, the content of my session which was split between WPF and Silverlight evolved a lot over the 5 months of the roadshow. It changed quite a bit over that period:

"WPF/E" -> Silverlight 1.0 -> Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1

Which kind of means the resources on are slightly out of date. So I've pulled together a few interesting links here which are more up to date:

Getting started with Silverlight

Silverlight Graph samples

Showcase of Silverlight apps in the wild

All the bits you need to get developing

Scott Guthrie's "Lap Around Silverlight" talk from Tech.Ed 

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