Me = Evangelism -> Marketing

It's finally public knowledge, that I am moving away from pure evangelism (yeap, that's my job title!) and over to marketing! I currently spend a lot of time deep in technology (primarily Silverlight and WPF) coding, learning it and talking about it and I've enjoyed the immense opportunities this has given me (from being part of Windows Vista launch through to travelling the country with my team in a branded 4x4). But, about a month ago an opportunity presented itself which was too good to turn down and enabled me to move my career in a direction towards marketing (which I enjoy a lot!).

So, in the next few weeks I'll be transitioning from Developer Evangelist to Academic Marketing Manager. My responsibility will be quite simple (this is a personal view):

Connect with as many students as possible and help them get better skills on Microsoft technology and have the best start to their career! And hopefully improve their view of Microsoft as an organisation along the way

What does that mean in reality? I'll be working on the marketing for all the academic programs from the Imagine Cup through to curriculum in teaching and software access. I've done this type of thing before but as an evangelist working at the coal face, now I get to help reach thousands more students from a marketing angle. Maybe I'll even get the chance to bring that big Blue Monster I hear so much into my work:

This blog will be staying the same though as I'm ultimately a technologist in disguise and want to keep that passion in my life fulfilled. Hopefully I'll get to diversify a bit into the fun worlds of robotics, XNA, Windows Home Server and other gumf that students love to play with 🙂

Comments (5)

  1. apwestgarth says:

    Hi Mark,

           good luck with your new position.  Been a pleasure working with you as part of the DPE team, thanks for presenting for myself and the members of VBUG.

    Best Wishes


  2. blowdart says:

    So many jokes. So little time 🙂

  3. gapingvoid says:

    Yeah, I am told the Blue Monster is getting a lot of water cooler talk around Redmond. Not sure how true that is, though maybe it is maybe in certain circles…

    I’m just a cartoonist…. nobody tells me anything 😉

  4. gapingvoid says:

    P.S. good luck with the new gig. Sounds interesting.

  5. markjohnston says:

    I’m UK based so will be talking about the Blue Monster around the Buxton/Springbourne water bottles 🙂

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