OT: Put a Linux Guru through pain (for charity…mate)

Jono Bacon, Mr Ubuntu Community dude/Herder of Cats/all-round-good-chap, is attempting to perform, record, mix and master an entire album by himself in 24 hours! And he's doing it for Comic Relief, a very noble charity and UK TV event.

In good banter, don't do it for charity, do it to put one of those open source/linux 'losers' through their paces. 🙂 Good luck mate! (In case any fanboys on either side read this, don't take this seriously please!)

Now, with my teammate and Jono getting into the spirit of charity, I'm starting to feel that I should be doing something more than donating old clothes, uni books and old VHS tapes to the charity shop. What about, a sponsored how many times you can say "Wow" in a presentation? I wonder if Mr Rob Miles is doing his lecture in rhyme for charity anytime soon?


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