WPF/E December CTP prematurely expired, February CTP released

Looks like there was a boo boo in the December CTP of WPF/E and it prematurely time bombed. Tim Sneath has the details and links to the download for the latest Feb CTP:

  • WPF/E February 2007 CTP runtime (Windows, Mac)
  • Updated agHost.js file
  • Updated Channel 9 samples
  • (Thank goodness this didn't happen to me yesterday as I was presenting an MSDN event in London on WPF/E - could have made an interesting 75 minutes)

    Also on the download front, Expression Blend Beta 2 and Design Beta 1 have been released. Head over to the Microsoft.com Expression site to get the latest bits.

    Comments (2)

    1. peroxide20 says:


      Why does this CTP no longer work with Windows 2000? Will this be the same with the final one day?

      Does anybody know?



    2. markjohnston says:

      My understanding is that support for Windows 2000 is no longer in the CTP builds for WPF/E and that could be the same for the first release. This may change if customer demand is so much that it would prevent developers using it.

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