5 Things you didn’t know about me

FrankArr down under tagged me to divulge some information about me that people don't know. So, here goes:

1. I grew up and spent most of my life in Northern Ireland before moving to the Southeast of the UK to work for Microsoft. And am very proud of everything NI stands for, good and bad - most people either think of the 'Troubles' or George Best and don't see how much there is to do and the history our little country has to offer.

2. During my last year at university studying Computer Science I was selected as the first ever Microsoft Student Partner in the UK. I was so gobsmacked to be selected and made sure I tried to earn my new found status. Did a tonne of stuff on campus and off including meeting the Visual Studio team who localise for EMEA countries, based in Dublin, and presenting to them about .NET (strange eh?!). I'm writing this blog because of the MSP program.

3. I am mad about cars and dream one day of owning a pristine Aston Martin DB5 a la James Bond. I'll settle for a DBS, V8 Vantage or DB9 if I had to...

4. I once wore Daniel O'Donnells red bow tie to my 6th form ball. I lost mine and my mum was given his as a souveneir at one of his concerts (She ran the accounts for a music company in Ireland and I got to meet all the greats - Danny boy, Jason Donovan, and the cast of Disney on Ice. Was 5 years old and missed out on U2, Michael Jackson and Kylie!).

5. My girlfriend's and my cat's full name is Gorgeous George Gonzalez or George to his friends. Kind of embarrassing when I picked him up from the vets one time in a full waiting room to a nurse calling "Mark for Gorgeous George Gonzalez" - was not impressed. (Note: I didn't give him the name!)

Now, to tag 5 other people:

Daniel Moth - team mate who has a funnier accent than me 🙂
Steve Clayton - MS UKs primo blogger
Jono Bacon - Top Linux and Ubuntu guru (won't hold that against him as he's a top bloke as well! ;-))
Rob Miles - The greatest lecturer of all time.
Ben Hall - A budding MSP with an eye on all things tech.

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