The Panel – Creating front end experiences

The Panel is a new site/community/buzz thing all about stuff that you look at on Windows Vista and the web. It is going to be a 'place' for Microsoft to showcase interesting applications, websites, gadgets that take advantage of all the great new stuff we have in our OS and developer platform:

- Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
- Windows Live Services
- Sidebar Gadgets
- .NET Framework 3.0

And it will show you how it was done so that you can benefit from the knowledge and best of all for us is that you can develop using these technologies in your applications!

For starters, check out UniveRSS which uses the RSS store and then provides a very intuitive and interesting way of viewing your feeds using 3D in WPF. It also deploys via OneClick which makes things a whole lot easier to use.

Now check out this for a URL: - why can't we have shorter URLs!!! 🙁

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