UK MSDN Roadshow dates announced

The UK MSDN Roadshow dates have been announced, so now is the time to get them in your diary. Registration is not open but the locations and dates have been set: – Nottingham: 21st February- Glasgow: 5th March- Harrogate: 13th March- London: 21st March- Reading: 27th March We are still nailing down what each presenter…


The Panel – Creating front end experiences

The Panel is a new site/community/buzz thing all about stuff that you look at on Windows Vista and the web. It is going to be a ‘place’ for Microsoft to showcase interesting applications, websites, gadgets that take advantage of all the great new stuff we have in our OS and developer platform: – Windows Presentation…


Camtasia and Windows Vista RTM

All our team uses Camtasia Studio to record our MSDN Nuggets (super exciting screencasts on MS technology!) and we all recently moved to Vista RTM which caused us all to face the same frustration and problems wth recording our nuggets – they just don’t work (well video does, or audio, but not both)! Thankfully, Casa…


Interesting interview with J + J (or 2J or John and Jon) on Web Accessibility and Design

Over on Bad Language Matthew Stibbe has interviewed two of my team mates, John and Jon, who work in the Developer and Platform group looking at the luverly-jubberly desgin tools talking about Usability and Accessibility (I’m not sure John and Jon are enjoying their new found status as “Head of Web Design” but it sounds fun! – “All…


Visual Studio 2005 Hotfix Support

Developer Division in Redmond are piloting a new program which enables developers and ISVs,etc to get access to the most frequently asked for Visual Studio 2005 hotfixes without having to do anything more than fire up your browser of choice (beats speaking to a real person on the phone) DevDiv Hotfix Public Availability Pilot Program…


So much to do, so little time…

Well, all I seem to talk about these days is that I am going away on holiday for a granduoso 3 weeks to Australia (maybe I should meet up with other DPE folks like Frank or Dave). The countdown is on now with under 2 weeks til we fly off – can’t wait. But, that…


SWF to XAML converter released by Michael Swanson

Michael Swanson has released a free converter to take SWF to XAML converter. “Finally! After months of tinkering around in my spare time, I’ve managed to assemble a relatively useful tool called SWF2XAML. The first version of this tool allows you to open a Flash/SWF file and advance through the frames one-by-one. When you’ve found a…


WPF Screencast – Applying BitmapEffects on Controls

In this session we’ll look at how developers can apply effects to controls through the use of some simple XAML mark-up. (duration approx. 10mins 37secs, published on 14/11/2006)   Link to streaming version   Technorati tags: wpf, screencast, msdn, nuggets


WPF Screencast – Introduction to animation

This nugget looks at animation in WPF and how we can animate almost any property of any element. (duration approx. 11mins 22secs, published on 14/11/2006) Link to Streaming version   Technorati tags: wpf, screencast, msdn, nuggets


WPF Screencast – Introduction to Brushes

Brushes form a fundamental component of WPF and how graphical elements are displayed to the screen. This nugget will introduce Brushes and how to use them withing WPF controls. (duration approx. 17mins 42secs, published on 14/11/2006) Link to Streaming File   Technorati tags: wpf, screencast, msdn, nuggets