Build an add-on for IE and win $2500 and a trip to Mix07

Whenever I talk to customers who are huge FireFox users, they always comment on how great it is to customise the browser with extensions/plug-ins. Well, one of the great features and I'm sure a big focus for the IE team post-launch is to get us on the same page for those sorts of users with IE 7. The IE team have put a bit of moola and encouragement to get the development community creating useful add-ons in the form of a cpmpetition to walk away with $2500 and a trip to Mix07 in Las Vegas:

Internet Explorer 7 Add-on Competition 

Hmmmm, calling all UK developers, calling all UK developers, get your thinking hats on as I would love to see someone from the UK win this (of course, they would need a Microsoft host - yeah, nice try Mark!)

And if you want ready-made add-ons for IE7, check out


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