Back from the Imagine Cup in India

After 8 days, 12000 miles of plane journeys, about 3 hours sleep a night and one of hell of a time I am back in the UK after attending and supporting all the teams at this year's Imagine Cup competition.

My job for the event was to host Team 3Pair representing the UK as they competed in the Software Design competition.

I thought about doing a blow by blow account of the team's and my experiences but it looks like the group blogger - a Mr Rob Miles aka Miles Robert if you ask BA aka (inside joke) covered it in great depth and visual beauty:

There are many posts there but this one also happened to be my favourite non-tech memory -

The team did so so so well but the Imagine Cup lottery that sometimes is thrown into the mix played against them and 3 others equally good teams from their pool went through. I want to say THANK YOU to Tom, James (get blogs so we can see what you are up to at Content Master) and Andy - you have made the past three months so much fun, from the WPF and Expression stuff (read pain - hey, it's a beta) you went through, to the banter after meeting Bill Gates and the beers in Parlor Billiards!

I'll upload some of my personal photos to my FlickR account at a later date.

Congrats to Italy, Brazil and Norway for coming 1,2,3 - well deserved.

Now I'm heads down learning all about Atlas, and Vista Sidebar gadgets - Yay for technology again!

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