Goodbye WF…My New Role

You read right, I am leaving the WF team. I have been a WF Programmer Writer (documentation guy) for awhile now and it’s been fun. WF is an awesome technology and I whole heartedly agree with the direction Microsoft is taking it. However, I’m done being a Programmer Writer. A transition date is still being…


WFPad for Windows Workflow Foundation RTM

Since a few people have asked, I updated the source for WFPad to work with the latest and greatest Windows Workflow Foundation. Click the link to download: WFPad.exe or the zip file:  Enjoy!


Windows workflow foundation animated activity designer source

As I mentioned in my last post, I have uploaded the Animated Activity Designer for use in your own project. A common question I can anticipate being asked is “Why?”. So, here’s why I created it and my reason as to why you may want to use something like this. First off, the reason I…


WFPad for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 is here!

Back by popular demand, I now release the Beta 2 version of WFPad. However, it’s not a simple port but a new and improved version. In this version, you can open workflows contained in any .NET assemblies (if I recall, that feature didn’t work so well in the previous version…though I may be mistaken). I…