ScreenSaver Gadger hits 20000 downloads

It’s a milestone. My ScreenSaver Vista Sidebar gadget has hit 20000 downloads. Some people have commented that it would be nice to double click it and have it launch the screensaver. The good news is, I have a version that does exactly that (can even lock your workstation should you choose). The bad news…I can’t…


Goodbye WF…My New Role

You read right, I am leaving the WF team. I have been a WF Programmer Writer (documentation guy) for awhile now and it’s been fun. WF is an awesome technology and I whole heartedly agree with the direction Microsoft is taking it. However, I’m done being a Programmer Writer. A transition date is still being…


My Screen Saver Vista Sidebar Gadget

 For some reason, I’m drawn to creating things that are just cool while not altogether useful (see my Animated Activity Designer post, though one could argue that it may in fact be useful). To that end, I decided to create a Vista Sidebar gadget that displays a screen saver of your choosing. Vista has some…


WFPad for Windows Workflow Foundation RTM

Since a few people have asked, I updated the source for WFPad to work with the latest and greatest Windows Workflow Foundation. Click the link to download: WFPad.exe or the zip file:  Enjoy!


Windows workflow foundation animated activity designer source

As I mentioned in my last post, I have uploaded the Animated Activity Designer for use in your own project. A common question I can anticipate being asked is “Why?”. So, here’s why I created it and my reason as to why you may want to use something like this. First off, the reason I…


WFPad for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 is here!

Back by popular demand, I now release the Beta 2 version of WFPad. However, it’s not a simple port but a new and improved version. In this version, you can open workflows contained in any .NET assemblies (if I recall, that feature didn’t work so well in the previous version…though I may be mistaken). I…


Windows CE, .NET & Remote Control Planes

I actually have a hobby that doesn’t involve computers…at least that’s what I thought. First off, I’m still categorized as an R/C beginner. My first plane was a quick RTF (ready to fly) plane. I then went on to e-bay and bought an electric helicopter but it was poorly designed and if I broke any…


Creating Multiple Input Maps for BizTalk Server 2004

When you create a new map in BizTalk Server 2004 through the Add New Item menu in Visual Studio .NET 2003, you are presented with a 3 pane window. On the left side is a link that says “Open Source Schema”. Clicking on this link will open the Select Artifact dialog box containing any schemas…


Interop with Internet Explorer

I find that one of the best ways to learn something new is to not fire up a search engine and start reading what other people have done but to do it yourself. Someone asked me yesterday how you would go about calling a .NET assembly from client side JScript in Internet Explorer (handy if…


So easy it should be illegal

Every once in awhile, I do something in .NET that just makes me love it even more.  If you come from a C++ (and esp. an ATL/COM) background, you’ll probably have those moments too.  Here’s one that came to me today (note that this project is just a daily exercise and is not an indication…