Visual Studio Tip : AutoFormat Your Code

Has this ever happened to you? You find some code on the Net so you copy and paste it into a source file within Visual Studio and notice that all the formatting is somehow messed up. For example. some lines might be indented while others are not. To have Visual Studio fix it all up…


.NET Sidebar Gadget Creator 2.0 Release

Ok, I finally worked out most of the bugs (I hope). I’ll post the link and follow up with some tutorials and Sidebar Gadget development using .NET. Here’s the file…using the new SkyDrive Beta to host the file!!!


.NET Sidebar Gadget Creator Update #2

I had quite the breakthrough today. First off, I totally rewrote major portions of the .NET Sidebar Gadget Creator. It is now a wizard (photos below) that leads you through the steps to create a Vista Sidebar that uses .NET. Here are some of the changes (then I’ll explain my breakthrough): You can now create…


Hosting .NET Runtime in C++ Tip o’ the day or "Where is IAppDomainSetup?"

Are you hosting the .NET runtime and trying to create another AppDomain? Notice that you need to call CreateDomainSetup and cast the IUnknown to IAppDomainSetup to set properties? Notice also that IAppDomainSetup isn’t defined in mscoree.h? Add the following (stdafx.h or anywhere else): #import <mscorlib.tlb> raw_interfaces_only no_smart_pointers high_property_prefixes(“_get”,”_put”,”_putref”) then you can say: CComPtr<mscorlib::IAppDomainSetup> pAppDomainSetup; Ta da!


.NET based Sidebar gadget problem solved!

Ok, I just ran a test with some new code that creates an .NETbased sidebar gadget and I was able to get the dll unloaded from the sidebar process so it can uninstall successfully! This is good news for all the people that can’t seem to get around this issue (and there’s a few of you). I’ll get…


XML to COM Object Property Mapping

I’m copying this entry that I posted on my old personal blog so I don’t lose it.  Note that if you read it, convert it to past tense since I wrote it while working for HP.  If I remember correctly, the code was the result of browsing through ITypeInfo docs all over the net.  Enjoy. …