WPF Post-it Board source updated

Ok, first off let me say that I really really don’t try to just create a blog entry that simply links to someone elses blog entry. Most of what I blog about comes straight out of my head and usually involves the use of an IDE and source code. However, the PostIt Board project created…


Windows workflow foundation animated activity designer source

As I mentioned in my last post, I have uploaded the Animated Activity Designer for use in your own project. A common question I can anticipate being asked is “Why?”. So, here’s why I created it and my reason as to why you may want to use something like this. First off, the reason I…


Windows Workflow Animated Activity Designer

Keeping in line with Mark Schmidt tradition, I present to you a little teaser. I will be posting the code for an animated custom activity designer that you can use for your custom activities. Not only will it allow you to create a cool looking animated custom activity in the Windows Workflow Designer, you can…


Saving WF Designer layout information

So you created a fancy new application and it hosts the WF designer. It’s all looking good and when you go to load up that cool state machine workflow you created earlier to add a bit more polish, you notice that all the layout you worked for hours (ok, maybe not that long) is gone….


Programmatically add an activity to the WF designer

Here’s a quick code snippet o’ the day. If you’re hosting the WF designer in an application and want to programmatically add an activity to the designer view, you can use the following code. Basically, grab the IDesignerHost service from your WorkflowView object (the call to GetService below calls the WorkflowView.GetService method and returns the…


Vista flavored Talking Rain

Just saw that we now have Vista flavored Talking Rain in the pop coolers (err, soda for you non-northwesterners). Actually, it’s Lemon-Lime with the Vista logo on the front. Here’s some pictures:   


I’m not half the man I used to be…

I’m about 3/4 what I used to be. I recently finished the 20/20 weight management program of which Microsoft pays a large portion of. I started the Monday before Thanksgiving (why oh why did I not start after Thanksgiving) and just recently finished at the end of May. It was a 27 week program consisting…


WFPad for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 is here!

Back by popular demand, I now release the Beta 2 version of WFPad. However, it’s not a simple port but a new and improved version. In this version, you can open workflows contained in any .NET assemblies (if I recall, that feature didn’t work so well in the previous version…though I may be mistaken). I…


WFPad Beta 2 is coming tomorrow

I’ve been getting quite a few emails/comments about WFPad and it’s state for Beta 2. Here’s a teaser image for you. I will release it tomorrow to the masses…  


Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 is here!

I won’t blab much, but Beta 2 is here and it’s hot. Once again, I worked in the doc’s with primary responsibilities being the tutorials and sample content (not the actual samples themselves though). The tutorials have been seriously revamped since Beta 1 using a new task based format with the ability to start on…