Embedding Screensaver’s in a Windows Form

Awhile ago I created the screensaver Vista Sidebar gadget and promised I would put some code up. As promised, here it is. It’s actually quite easy to create something like this, and truth be told I actually had the code lying around for a few years since I wrote it for my 2nd book. Rather…


Next "For Fun" Project

For those that follow my crazy forays into stuff that I think is just plain cool, I have begun yet another project. No crazy hacking in the sidebar. No more new webcam stuff (yet). No screen scraping with Outlook calendar appointment setting. I’m off into web land starting an Ajax based RPG similar to a…


A Christmas Card for my Readers

Most people have seen it at least once in their life. In my family, the picture below is referenced every year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. -Mark Schmidt Oh and a extra special shout out to all the Schmidt’s at Microsoft including the 3 other Mark Schmidt’s (yes, there are 4 Mark Schmidt’s here)!


Check Out Community Credit

I also run a personal blog which I use to post about things that I don’t think fall under the realm of “work” although there is still a fair amount of code there too since coding is not only a job, but a hobby as well. More often than not, I’ll post a link to…