Use for the WebCam Sidebar Gadget

Someone asked "Why would I want a WebCam Sidebar Gadget to display my webcam in realtime"?

Good question. Answer: So you are prepared when the maiger strikes again!


It's Friday. What can I say.

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  1. I installed your webcam gadget tonight and I am

    able to watch tv with it as well. I have a win tv

    card and it collects the video data from it and puts

    it on the sidebar. It does not have sound fuctionality.

  2. Mike says:

    Any way of having an option on this gadget to be able to turn off the webcam or turn on? Or size it or take it off the dock? Would be really useful.

    Asides that, love the gadget 🙂 thanx

  3. says:

    Hey Mark….I downloaded and installed this webcam sidebar, and it was cool at first…but the second time I tried to load it up it got an error…said I didn’t have anough resources to run this…but I cannot delete is keeping my laptop’s webcam on and I cannot turn it off!…what do I do!!??

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