.NET Sidebar Gadget Creator 2.0 Release

Ok, I finally worked out most of the bugs (I hope). I'll post the link and follow up with some tutorials and Sidebar Gadget development using .NET.

Here's the file...using the new SkyDrive Beta to host the file!!!

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  1. Jared says:

    If you could include a sample .NET project (perhaps with a UserControl) in your tutorial that would be killer.

  2. Ciprian says:

    From where can i download the lastest version of the program?

  3. Patrick says:

    I am very impressed of your little Tool to enhance developing Sidebar Gadgets in .Net. My Question is how to change the background color of the .Net User Control to transparent. I tried setting the color in the user control itself in Visual Studio(BackColor Attribute to Transparent) but then the gadget’s backcolor turns to white. Is there any solution or is it impossible?

  4. Willi says:


    How do I create transparent Gadgets with the Sidebar Gadget Creator?

    I already tried to set the UserControl transparent, but that didn’t work..

  5. Todd says:

    I cannot find any link to download the tool… Where is it located?


  6. Christof says:

    Can I modify the custom config site in the gadget?

    The only says everything "Replace with your custom settings?".

    Good was a UserControl can do this!

  7. Andrew Berry says:

    What libraries will i need to use for a gadget that executes a SP and populate a grid?

  8. Tish Vadher says:

    Very good. I like it but how about running more then one gadget at once?

  9. Krishnakanth says:

    Hey DUDE,

    how can i use it to create my own gadget with the Usercontrol

  10. Josh F. says:

    Could you post a sample somewhere that contains the sample control so we can see how to do it? Or post a tutorial?

  11. Hi! I tried with the examples but always only a blank square is displayed on the sidebar for the generated Gadget, I also tried with the Web Cam code

  12. Josh F. says:

    That’s exactly what happened in my situation!

  13. cjtaylor says:

    Your gadget creator has my life extremely easier…thank you.  Being somewhat a novice programmer, I have been able to implement the user control within a gadget in both vista x86 and windows7 x86.

    My problem is with the 64 bit versions of the os’s.  I am guessing that my problem resides with the sidebar.exe being 64 bit process and your software is trying to load the dll using 32bit dll’s??  I am just speculating.

    Anyways, I know you are probably extremely busy, but if you could point me in the correct direction,  I would be extremely grateful.  I am even willing to pay you, your hourly wage top figure this out for me.  



  14. CBW says:

    Too bad all your links give 404 error…

  15. Dale says:

    Could you make a Start Button that worked like the ones in Win 7 do? that would open according to absolute position on the screen, like the taskbar does. I cant even seem to find where to start.

  16. Doug Harber says:

    Any chance this could be updated to support WPF in the sidebar?

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